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Junior Triathletes represent Team TIME Triathlon at ASTC Training Camp and Super League U19 Race

Super League Triathlon paved the way for Juniors to compete on the same course as the Elite Triathletes

In order to raise the level of athletes in Asia, the Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC) started a training camp run by the best coaches in the region for selected athletes. These camps are held 2 to 3 times a year in different locations.

Two of Team TIME athletes – Malaysians Aiman Lee and Razin Munip were selected based on their swim and run time to join the recent training camp in Educity, Johor Bharu.

Apart from training camps, ASTC also offer scholarships to offer financial assistance for training and races leading to the qualification for the Olympics 2024. Currently, Team TIME athlete Chong Xian Hao who represented Malaysia at the Commonwealth Games and Youth Olympics in 2018 is a recipient of this scholarship.  

Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC) holds training camps for selected junior triathletes several times a year.
Aiman Lee was proud to represent Team TIME and Malaysia at the Super League Triathlon U19s.

Aiman Lee

“The camp was a blessing to me because I got to train with the athletes from other countries and meet their respective coaches. I learned a lot of new things from the camp, not just on training but also on proper nutrition to make me stronger.” said Aiman on the ASTC Camp.

Besides the Malaccan also learned different ways to communicate with the athletes and coaches as the participants originated from different nations and different mother tongues. When training with the best from other countries who all have common goals to become elite triathletes, Aiman was able to make the comparison between his skills and the others, motivating him to become better.

Aiman Lee and Razin Munip with other junior triathletes.

Experience at the Super League Race

Aiman was selected to represent Malaysia in one of the most famous Triathlon race series in the world and had the opportunity to watch the elites raced. Siezing the opportunity, he took some photos with the top triathletes in the world such as Vincent Luis, Johnny Brownlee, Henri Schoeman and Richard Murray.

“The beauty of these races is that I met so my competitors from different countries who eventually became friends,” said Aiman.

Aiman Lee was privilleged to rub shoulders with former world champion and 2-time Olympian Jonny Brownlee.

“It was such a good thrilling experience and the most tiring races I have ever done in my life. Although my forte is the swim, it was hard to stay in the front pack as the chasing pack was almost as fast,” said Aiman about his first foray into the Enduro of the league.

“For the bike, I tried to maintain my speed but the course was so technical with countless u-turns and corners that I had to push myself harder in order not to be eliminated. The run was exhausting to say the least. I was completely out of breath by then but pushed on to make the cut.”

Unfortunately, for Aiman, he was eliminated as he was about to enter the transition area for the swim, as the race leader had just completed his second swim. Although it did not end favourably, Aiman was in good spirits and definitely gained from the experience.

Razin Munip in action at the Super League Triathlon for U19s.

Razin Munip

The Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC) Training Camp was an exceptional experience for Razin. Being able to train with top class triathletes from throughout the region of Asia, the Johorean has broadened his horizon as well as inspired his to train not only harder, but smarter in order to reach a higher level.

Experience at the Super League Race

The Super League Race that took place in Singapore was an unforgettable experience for Razin as he bore witness to some of the best professional triathletes racing their 100%. He’s now inspired to continue to push his own boundaries within the sport of Triathlon.

“The opportunity to race against the best triathletes in my age group in-front of such a big crowd is honestly adrenaline-filling fun.” said Razin.

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