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Junior triathlete scores podium placing at PowerKids Malaysia 2017

Junior triathlete Edward Liew (right) won 2nd place in the 8-10years category of PowerKIDS Malaysia 2017.

BEEP!!! The honk went off, my leg seemed to tremble with tiredness, I felt like collapsing even though the PowerKids Malaysia 2017 race had just started. I continued running on a steady pace, making sure I had reserved energy.

I was trailing at the back of the first group, in the 2-loop run of 800m before entering transition into the cycling leg. The cheering of spectators fuelled me and boosted my speed and I overtook a few more people leaving two other boys in front of me including my M3X teammate. Running into the transition area, I kept my eyes on them and exited the transition in second place.

Flag-off to the first 800m run in the 8-10years category of the PowerKIDS Malaysia 2017.

My teammate and I traded first-second places on the 2km cycling route. However, at an important juncture, the motorcyclist that was showing us the way cut through the u-turn and my friend followed him, he then realised that he was wrong so he had to go through the middle of the u-turn to get back on track. That gave me an opportunity to leap into first place, but it wasn’t long before my teammate soon caught up and overtook me.

Running into the transition area for our second running loop of 800m, my teammate had worked up a big gap ahead of me but I could still see him in the distance. I tried to catch up to him but I couldn’t, my leg was shaking and it was in pain.

Running into transition for the next 800m run after finishing the 2km cycling leg.
Edward Liew crosses the finish line jubilantly in second place in the 8-10years category of PowerKIDS Malaysia 2017.

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t catch up with him and round the last few turns, I knew I had to settle for second place. Seeing the finish line in a distance, I sprinted across jubilantly with all my might.  I turned around and realised my M3X Triathlon club team swept the top three podium places in the age 8-10 years old category.

It was easier to prepare for this duathlon and after doing a number of races, I am getting less fearful of races. This was a duathlon race with only running and cycling so I didn’t have to pack much, only my helmet and the race belt which is used to hold my bib number.

I was also delighted that my sister won first place in her age category, so we went home with two podium finishes! What a great way to finish this race weekend, a perfect way for family bonding.

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A culmination of hard work and passion, siblings Edward (left) and Angie Liew won podium placings at the PowerKIDS Malaysia 2017.



More about the budding triathlete

Edward Liew – 10 years old, loves to play cards, sing and make jokes to keep people in a happy mood. Determined to be a triathlete just like his dad, Edward now loves running and biking the most.

He started triathlon with Kids of Steel Triathlon and transitioned to train under Team M3X of TRI-AMAteur Triathlon Club, currently a Year 6 student of Tenby International School Setia Eco Park.