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Josiah Ng: Do not do your best, do it EXTRAORDINARY

"Don't do your best, do it extraordinary" - Josiah Ng (Facebook/Josiah Ng)
“Don’t do your best, do it extraordinary” – Josiah Ng (Facebook/Josiah Ng)

Don’t do your best. Your best is what you do at all other competitions. This is an extraordinary event. Something magical will come out of your mind, body and soul. DO IT EXTRAORDINARY! – Josiah Ng

This could possibly be the best advice ever to Olympians in Rio de Janeiro, no matter the sport. In a reply to an Olympian in distress, Josiah Ng gave advice on address self-doubt on the biggest sporting stage in the world.

“Self-doubt is normal. It will happen. Remember that all your rivals are probably going through the same process. Re-focus on what you have done so well in the past.”

Josiah himself competed in Track Cycling for Malaysia at the Olympics, and he’s no stranger to the nerves, excitement and anxiety that surrounds all athletes at the games.


“Looking back at my career, I would change one thing. I would have stopped to live more in the moment. Soak in all the memories you will be making in the next two weeks. And enjoy each and every step,” said Josiah.

“Don’t worry about the outcome on competition day. You can waste a lot of nervous energy doing that. Focus and enjoy what you will do today and execute to the best of your ability every step of the way.”

True to his character, Josiah incorporates some humour into his reply, reflecting on his Olympic experience.

“I remember eating right next to Novak Djokovic and even sharing a joke with him. I remember standing in line at the food hall behind a certain fastest man on two legs, studying his amazing physique and noticing that all he had on his tray was McDonalds!, ” quipped Josiah.

Last but not least, “This is your moment you have worked so hard for. Enjoy it!”

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