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Jonathan Brownlee carries bike after crashing in ITU Yokohama triathlon

Jonathan Brownlee carried his bike after a crash at the ITU World Series Yokohama Triathlon. (BBC)

Olympic silver medallist Jonathan Brownlee carried his damaged bike into transition at the ITU World Series Yokohama triathlon as he crashed in the cycling leg.

Coming out strong from the swim, Brownlee wanted to continue running and finished in 42nd spot,6 minutes 56 seconds behind the winner, Mario Mola.

Brownlee continues with a stroke of bad luck since missing the first two races of this year’s World Series – in Australia and the United Arab Emirates. In wet conditions in Yokohama he veered into the railings on his bike when trying to avoid a rider who had fallen in front of him. Rather than concede his race was over, Brownlee ran barefoot for a mile in the final half-lap of the cycling while carrying his bike.


“My first reaction was to get back on the bike, get back riding. But then I got to my bike and the handlebars were pointing in the wrong direction and I couldn’t move it. I still wanted to run – I had not come all the way to Japan not to finish.”said Brownlee.

The 2017 series is led by reigning ITU world champion Mario Mola from fellow Spaniard Fernando Alarza, who was also second to Mola in Japan. The next race in the series takes place in Leeds, when Yorkshire-born Jonny could be joined by brother Alistair, who is focusing on long-distance triathlons this year.

Source: BBC