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Jeff Lau challenges 230km Jungle Ultra Marathon in Peru in raising awareness for AIDS

Malaysian ultra-marathon runner and Sanctband Active brand ambassador, Lau Jun Tean also known as Jeff Lau, finished the toughest endurance race on earth at the Jungle Ultra 2017 in Peru, with the aim to promote healthy living and raise awareness on HIV and AIDS.

Jeff is the first Malaysian to participate and complete the race which started from Cusco in Peru, where runners challenged themselves through 230km of sweltering Amazon Rainforest by crossing slippery muddy trails, multiple river crossings and harsh terrains. Out of the 33 participants, only 20 managed to complete the race, including Jeff.

Appointed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia as the Red Ribbon Youth Icon, Jeff joined the race to run for a cause and challenged his mental and physical limits to run and raise awareness on HIV and AIDS, as well as to promote healthy living.

“During the race, I questioned myself multiple times – why did I put myself in such situation, but I knew I have to fight that mental game and push myself in order to not give up. It is the same principle that I practice in life, which is to be clear on the end goal and stay focus and determined till the end,” said Jeff Lau, finisher of Jungle Ultra 2017, Malaysian ultra-marathon runner and Sanctband Active brand ambassador.

Jeff Lau and other racers on the Jungle Ultra course in the Amazon.

“I love running as it allows my mind to be clear and my body to be active, which is why I want to leverage on my passion and run for a good cause. Having said that, I hope my story will inspire more people in challenging themselves to achieve something greater in life, to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as to raise awareness on HIV and AIDS,” continued Jeff.

His passion in running has empowered him to take part in the Marathon des Sables (Southern Morocco) twice, 6633 Arctic Ultra 2017 (Canada), Ironman Langkawi 2016, and the Jungle Ultra 2017 (Peru), which made him the only Malaysian to have participated in three of the toughest races on earth, according to Men’s Health Magazine Malaysia.

To inspire and share with more people about his running experiences especially in the Marathon des Sables and the 6633 Arctic Ultra, Jeff will be releasing his first book soon, and followed by a series of speaking tour in Malaysia.

Jeff carried a teddy bear as a mascot in his cause to spread the awareness of AIDS and HIV.

In supporting Jeff’s noble spirit and sportsmanship, several brands came together to ensure his inspiring story will be able to motivate more people in stepping up to challenge themselves and lead a healthy lifestyle. Sanctband Active sponsored and gave Jeff full support throughout his preparation and for the race, while Personal Fitness Coach (PFC) Studio provided Jeff with a tailor-made fitness coaching programme to make sure his body is well-trained and prepared for the challenges in the race. Under Armour, Hammer Nutrition Malaysia, Amazin’ Graze, JR Vacation & PTT Outdoor also came together to support the Jeff’s cause.

“We, at Sanctband Active, are truly proud of Jeff’s achievement in the Jungle Ultra 2017, Peru, in making his way into the top 20 in the long course category. It is neither by luck nor chance for Jeff to achieve this result, it is all about the endless effort and hard work he has put into it,” said Darren Wee, Head of Global Sales & Marketing (Sanctband Global).

“Despite his undesired performance in the recent 6633 Arctic Ultra, Jeff has learned from each experience and applies them in all his races. Sanctband Active is always ready to work alongside with Jeff in supporting his sportsmanship spirit and determination in running for good causes.” continued Wee.

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