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Jacksonville bids for CrossFit Games 2017-2019

CrossFit Games
Jacksonville in Florida will bid for the 2017-2019 CrossFit Games. (News4Jax)

The CrossFit fever has hit Florida. Jacksonville city in Florida will bid to be the host city of the 2017-2019 CrossFit Games. The Games began in 2007 in Armoas, California and have been hosted in Carson, California since 2010.

The JAXSPORTS Council announced it’s partnering with the City of Jacksonville, SMG and the Jacksonville Jaguars to lead the city’s efforts on the bid.

The CrossFit Games is a festival of fitness with fans around the world coming to watch the competition. Worldwide, CrossFit has more than 119,000 certified trainers and 13,000 CrossFit affiliated gyms.

323,000 CrossFit athletes register each year for the overall competition field that is whittled down to the world’s fittest 40 men, 40 women, 40 teams, 40 teenage competitors and 200 masters (40+). These athletes compete at the annual CrossFit Games to earn the title of The Fittest on Earth.

The JAXSPORTS Council is asking for northeast Florida’s support in bringing the CrossFit Games to Jacksonville. The official hashtag is #CROSSFITtoJAX and you’re encouraged to show your support on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Source: News4Jax