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It’s A Wrappe For Lim Yong

Wrappe up your pre- or post-triathlon meal!

As if managing his family’s construction arm as a project engineer is too simple, 32-year old Lim Yong – born in Penang and raised in Petaling Jaya – decided to add the food business into his portfolio too.

And as a proud finisher in last year’s IRONMAN Malaysia in Langkawi, he caters his food business to the triathlon community. Thus, the beginnings of Wrappe.

ToughASIA: What was your inspiration for Wrappe?

Lim Yong: In 2015, as I bought my first bike and took my first swimming lesson, I was supposed to watch my weight so that I could swim, bike and run faster. As I was hunting for food immediately after training, there was not may options available that were wholesome, quick and affordable. I then thought that I want to try to do something about this.

Inspired from the times where I shared a warm burrito with my university friends during winter, Wrappe was born.

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Triathlete Yong seems to manage three disclipines pretty well with Wrappe, triathlon and life.

ToughASIA: Can you describe any special menu items geared towards the triathlon community?

Lim Yong: Wrappe menu was designed towards the working crowd of the triathlon community. As we juggle between work, training and family, time becomes limited. Yet, we strive for something quick and wholesome. For those that need to eat on-the-go, a wrap. For those that need to shed weight, a salad bowl. For those that need to carbo load, a rice bowl (made with brown rice only).

ToughASIA: What do you consider when you create menu items for triathletes?

Lim Yong: Not just for triathletes, but for people that strive to be fit and active, a balanced meal is a must. The right amount of protein, topped with a bit of carbs and a whole lot of vegetables!

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Yong’s triathlon buddies at Wrappe

ToughASIA: What are the top picks by your triathlete friends? And have they requested for anything else in particular?

Lim Yong: I will let my friend answer this question instead.

“Hard to answer when I like all. My top picks are Sassy Chic, La Tomatina, bull Run and Hula-Hula! And extra curry mayo and honey mustard is a must!” – said fellow triathlete, Andrew Hsien

ToughASIA: Would you consider catering more options for plant-based athletes, athletes who want to eat less meat or any keto options?

LimYong: Yes, we are constantly churning out new items to keep the menu fresh and exciting! Usually it starts off as a seasonal item, but if the crowd request for it, then it may be permanent in the menu too!

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Only triathletes and cyclists would understand this, Wrappe for a quickie

ToughASIA: Will you have a menu for triathletes to eat specifically for pre-, during and post-races? Any take-away options for this?

Lim Yong: At the moment, no. As most races are away from Klang Valley and take place in the wee hours of the morning, our fresh ingredients will not last. Though some say that they still enjoy our wraps after keeping it overnight.

Have a break, have a Wrappe!

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