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Isuzu Malaysia runs for charity at Kuching Marathon 2019

When it comes to walking the talk, the top management in Isuzu Malaysia goes the distance and will literally hit the ground running!

For the up-coming Kuching Marathon 2019, not only will Isuzu have a large presence as the event’s main sponsor, a team led by Isuzu Malaysia’s CEO will be participating in the event to help raise funds for charity.

CEO Koji Nakamura together with COO Masayuki Suzuki, General Manager Kenkichi Sogo, Senior Manager Sean Sin, Manager Andrew Law, three executives and nine members of the media will make up Team Isuzu. They will aim to complete their respective distance categories ranging from 5km to the full 42km on 18th August in the historical town of Kuching in Sarawak.

“When the idea was floated in the office for us to run in the Kuching Marathon as a means of raising funds for charity, everyone unanimously agreed without hesitation,” said CEO Koji Nakamura.

“We are all eager to participate and do our part to raise funds for the local charities. I hope to be able to complete the 10km that I have entered for,” remarked Nakamura.

At the Kuching Marathon 2019, the team aims to raise RM17,000.00 for two local organisations – Hope Place Kuching and Persatuan OKU Kuching.

Hope Place Kuching distributes basic food aid and daily necessities to the underprivileged, while Persatuan OKU Kuching that provides vocational training to underprivileged and disabled youth.

Part of the funds the team aims to raise have been pledged by Isuzu dealers in Sarawak namely Dai Max Automobile, KM Mobil and Rhino Motors while the balance will be raised internally in Isuzu Malaysia.

The Kuching Marathon is one of the largest mass-participation sporting events in the island of Borneo with over 11,000 participants expected this year. As the country’s No.1 truck company with the most popular light-duty truck line in Malaysia, Isuzu will also be playing a supporting role in the event with the efficient Isuzu D-Max as the lead car for the run as well as the main ferry vehicles for key officials and members of the media during the event.