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IRONMAN Announces New 70.3 Race in Kazakhstan

The inaugural race will take place on June 18, 2018 and marks IRONMAN’s first entry into Central Asia

IRONMAN announced its first event in Kazakhstan, the IRONMAN 70.3 Astana in Kazakhstan, the world’s largest landlocked country and the dominant economic force in the region.

Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana has a city of one million inhabitants located at the Ishim River and is the country’s second largest city after Almaty. Known for its rich history and diverse geography – the size of the country equals that of Western Europe – Kazakhstan is also famous for the city of Baikonur, which has the world’s oldest and largest operational space launch facility.

Astana in Kazakhstan will play host to a IRONMAN 70.3 race. (Ironman.com)

“Long-distance triathlon is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and our country is no exception. We are ready for the next stage of developing the sport under the IRONMAN brand. I wish fair wind and light feet to everyone and let the best win,” said Karim Massimov, President of the Triathlon Federation of Kazakhstan.

Athletes will begin their race with a single-loop 1.9-km (1.2-mile) swim in the Ishim river. Start and finish of the swim course will be located at the aptly named Astana Triathlon Park. The water temperature is expected to be between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius during race week.

Athletes will then continue onto the two-loop 90.1-km (56-mile) bike course which will lead through the modern architecture of the Astana government district which includes the President’s palace and the Parliament. Parts of the bike course will lead along the Ishim river. The race will finish with a three-loop 21.1-km (13.1-mile) run course at the Astana Triathlon Park.

IRONMAN 70.3 Astana will offer 50 age-group qualifying slots for the 2018 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship being held in Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa.

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