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Improve Your Run with the All New JoyMix Awake

JoyMix Enterprise (JoyMix), an organic health product brand has recently launched Awake to help runners improve their focus and attention during training and races.

According to Jeffrey Chin, owner of JoyMix, the new product is a one-of-a-kind in the market made from whole grapes. “JoyMix Awake is a natural powder that contains the extract of grape skin, flesh and seeds. It is also highly nutritious and is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.”

“Moreover, it helps to boost immunity, reduces free radicals and keeps the user healthy.”

ToughASIA has been given the opportunity to test Awake to see if it lives up to its claim.

Eric Lim, a well known and avid runner in the running circles was assigned to take on the challenge by consuming the 3g sachet 15 to 30 minutes prior to his run.

ToughASIA: Do you feel any difference after consuming JoyMix Awake?

Eric: Normally, I will need to stop for a short recovery after every 2km to 3km. But with JoyMix Awake, I ran 10km and had lesser rest, as well as an improved timing.

I feel that Awake is a booster for every runner because it gives adequate energy and improves my attention during my run, helping me to go further and faster as it helps me to sustain my level of energy.

In fact, I managed to run further with an addition of 3.69km from the day before, and saw a slight improvement of my average pace by 1:47/km.


ToughASIA: What does it taste like?

Eric: It tasted sweet and sour, which is refreshing.

I have consumed it directly from the sachet without water, and it melts directly in the mouth, making it easy to consume.

I have also diluted it with water before my run which makes it easy to consume as well.

I will definitely recommend JoyMix Awake to my friends.

Our team members took the recommendations from Eric and dived deeper into the nutrition facts of the product. A small sachet of 3g per serving is able to produce 5.7kcal of energy, and contains 1.3g of carbohydrates, 0.05g of protein, 0.03g of fat and 200mg of Vitamin C.

Based on the nutrition facts and Eric’s recommendation, JoyMix Awake is definitely a recommended product for runners to consume as an additional push for a Personal Best timing.

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