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Illumi Run lit up the night with 4000 runners

The ILLUMI RUN Malaysia kicked off on a high note at the Selangor Turf Club, attracting more than 4,000 ardent fun runners and festival go-ers recently.

ILLUMI RUN was organised by Infinitus Productions Pte Ltd in collaboration with presenting sponsor, MPI Generali Insurans Berhad. The ultimate festival on the run offered the most exhilarating neon experience ever to runners. Participants enjoyed the night running through an escalating scene of dashing colours whilst being splashed with the iconic ILLUMI Glow Water.

Oliver Tan, CEO of MPI Generali Insurans Berhad said:

“It was exhilarating to be part of this new experience of running through music zones with splashes of glowing water. At MPI Generali Insurans Berhad, we are happy that this Run provided a platform for us to engage with the community, our employees and business partners.”

Held for the first time in Malaysia, ILLUMI RUN showcased the ‘Neon Paradise’ themed route complete with paradise-themed glow zones that will douse participants in ILLUMI Glow Water as they run and dance along to fresh beats through the night.

The run began with a Laser Rainforest, showcasing 3D light and neon paint displays and the hottest fist-pumping tracks.

Those with a sweet tooth looked forward to running into Candy Pop, a candy-lover’s dream showcasing life-sized candy and rainbow sprinkles where ILLUMINATORs shot participants with Glow Water.

Meanwhile, Cosmic-Land transported the runners to a galactic world of planets and stars, while life’s is a beach at A Beach Life zone, a sandy paradise featuring surfboards, glow floats, and balls. The run culminated at Flower Dreams, a glow zone that treated runners to a one-of-a-kind neon field of flowers.

The fun continued beyond the run, with the ILLUMI Glow Slide at the festival village, cooling participants after their run with even more ILLUMI Glow Water and the ultimate ILLUMI Festival with LIVE acts including Dangerdisko (MY) and Jenni-F (MY). The music festival finale was definitely the kicker for the whole course as the runners ended the night on a luminescent high.

One of the runners, 42 year-old David along with his 12-year-son shared:

“My favourite activity in ILLUMI village was definitely the ILLUMI slide! We enjoyed a dive and plunge into a pool of neon happiness as promised for a thrilling experience!”

“Tonight was unquestionably memorable! Not forgetting the awesome neon makeover, as we had the opportunity to turn our faces into creative art pieces. We will surely look forward for another ILLUMI Run next year!” shared both friends Fatimah, 29 and Murni, 34.

ILLUMI RUN also believes in giving back to the community and pledged monetary support to S.O.S Kids, a community support group who aims to improve the care of the critically sick and underprivileged children based in Sarawak. The funds were raised through registration fees as well as add-on donations from participants. Through ILLUMI RUN, the event hopes to raise awareness for S.O.S kids and contributes more funds towards their efforts to provide better medical care for these children.

In addition, ILLUMI Kids Morning Run was also held on the same day at 7.30am with a distance of 2km where more than 300 kids and their parents participated in the run.

For more information, visit www.illumirun.com/my