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Ice Marathon Kickstarts Global 2020 Races

Image screenshot source from CGTN‘s video

2,000 runners around the world celebrated the 2020 New Year at the ice marathon in Fuyuan City of Heilongjiang Province, the East Pole of China.

According to CGTN, runners completed the run at a temperature of -25 degree Celsius on the frozen Heilongjiang River.

Mao Gang of the men’s open category clocked a stunning time of 03:18:22.

Want to know on how to train and run in freezing conditions, view the video and read the full story here at CGTN.

Article Source: Embrace 2020 by running an ice marathon at China’s East Pole


Original Article: Li Chenqi of CGTN

Original Cinematographer: Qi Jianqiang of CGTN

Original Video Editor: Li Chenqi of CGTN