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How to Use the KLSCM VR 2020 App to Record Your Run


More than 45,000 runners have registered to compete in the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon (KLSCM) VR 2020.

Possibly the biggest virtual run in Malaysia and South East Asia thus far, the race will commence on December 5 to 13, replacing the live race which has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Since the launch of the KLSCM VR app, ToughASIA has been testing the app on the current practice mode which runs until Dec 3. We have encountered numerous errors based on different situations.

Finally, we are ready to share some steps to help you reduce errors and track your run perfectly via the app. Please note that we are using a Huawei Mate 9 Android phone for this scenario. Steps may differ on iPhones.

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Refer to step 5 – App settings for KLSCM VR.

How to Use the KLSCM VR 2020 App to Record Your Run

  1. * IMPORTANT STEP * Disable any battery saver/screen saver you have on your smartphone.
  2. Close all other applications on your smartphone.
  3. Launch the KLSCM VR app.
  4. In the KLSCM VR app, click on More on the bottom left.
  5. * IMPORTANT STEP * Click on Location Settings. Select Permissions and ensure Location is selected. This will keep enable GPS to track your position.


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Refer to step 6 – to keep the KLSCM VR app running constantly

6.  * IMPORTANT STEP * Next, click on Power Usage Details. Select App Launch. Choose to Manage Manually, and ensure Run in Background is selected. This will keep the KLSCM app running in the background, even if you have your phone in your bag or waist pouch when you run.

7. Return to the KLSCM VR app, and click on Run and Start when you are ready to begin your run.


Refer to step 6 – to keep the KLSCM VR app running constantly

Do note the important steps in red, and once you follow all the steps, your run will track in tandem with your GPS watch flawlessly.

One observation, the KLSCM VR app was tracking well, until we kept launching the camera to take photos on the run. One for the ‘gram, as the saying goes, right? Well, this seemed to interfere with the tracking and we lost 500m in mileage. We will try again without taking selfies, but it would not be as exciting now, would it?

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Overall, runners are required to download the KLSCM VR smartphone application to submit their results. Here are a few options to submit your results:

  1. Track and submit your run via the KLSCM VR app.
  2. You can choose to sync your GPS-based wearables – Fitbit, Polar, Garmin and Apple Watch only, to track and submit your run.
  3. You can submit your results by uploading your GPX file (tracked with any GPS watch) manually via the KLSCM website.

Go forth and have fun on your KLSCM VR 2020. Put your best foot forward come December 5!