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How to skewer the Spear Thrown in Spartan Race?

Sharpen and hone your spear throw. (Spartan Magazine)
Sharpen and hone your spear throw. (Spartan Magazine)

The spear-throw is the most disheartening Spartan obstacle we know. How could such a lightweight piece of wood drag more people to the ground panting in push-up position than any other obstacle?

SGX Coach Todd M. Cambio, CSCS, shares insights that will turn you into an unstoppable spear-throwing machine.

“I want you to picture throwing a football (rugby ball). More precisely, the top [part] of the football-throwing motion. This particular throwing motion is most similar to throwing a spear,” says Todd. “

Once you have mastered this movement pattern, find a meterlong spear and attach it to 15 meters of light rope for easy retrieval. Find a barrier, about waist-height and 10 meters away from your target, and stand behind it.

After that, says Todd, practice takes six simple steps.

  • Erase any doubt.
  • Put the slack of the rope over the barrier.
  • Grasp the spear roughly at its midpoint so that it is balanced in your hand. Hold it around ear-height. Relax your grip.
  • Once you have the spear balanced, take two steps back.
  • Step forward with the leg opposite to your spear-throwing arm. At the same time, throw the spear. “I suggest aiming a little high,” says Todd.
  • On the follow-through, your hand should point toward the target; this is crucial. Think about the follow through on throwing a dart.

Rinse, lather, and repeat until you “find your groove,” as Todd says, and start to like the idea of wearing a loin cloth.

Don’t have a spear? “Start throwing the football around,” says Todd.

Source: Spartan Magazine