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How is CrossFit good for Entrepreneurs?

Just when you’re insanely addicted to CrossFit, every other thing about this sport falls into place in life, even if you’re an entrepreneur. How is CrossFit good for Entrepreneurs, you might ask?

CrossFit WOD
Execute the Workout of the Day (WOD) with all your might to give yourself a break from thinking.

#1 Brain Break

Overly fried brains are not good for entrepreneurs. Show up at Crossfit, and just execute the workout of the day aka WOD which has been pre-planned, with all your might.
On the plus side, if you would’ve been super focused on the workout hence giving your brain a refreshing break from work and re-energise!

#2 Quickie Crunch-time

Entrepreneurs made the best of their time, and CrossFit provides high-intensity training for short periods. Some of the 10 minute workouts might feel like the longest 10 minutes of your life, but it will be a good sweaty and satisfying time!

CrossFit GTX
CrossFit is a good time for networking as you meet people outside your usual clicks.

#3 Networking time

Believe or not, entrepreneurs do need to meet people outside the business world and what better way to do it at a CrossFit box? Not solely talking about business also refreshes the mind, and widens your perspective on just about anything.

#4 Failure leads to success

Generally, we tend to do things in our comfort zone and we’re unlikely to try that monkey bar at the playground as we might look foolish if we failed. But that’s the whole thing about CrossFit. Everyone else will be trying the monkey bar and failing, but will inspire to do it better the next round.

Rope climbs, handstands, box jumps, you name it. Sounds like kids play, but this time it’s for adults who don’t mind failing to gain eventual success.

CrossFit Jonathan Wong
Measure your improvement in performance over time if you need to know your ROI.

#5 Measure your ROI

Finally, some biz talk for the entrepreneur who goes about gauging and anticipating just about anything related to success of their investment. Well, CrossFit allows you to measure your results in terms of physical ability.

Measure the time you took to finish a WOD today and in three months time, or give yourself a pat on your back for that added weight you’ve managed to squat. It all measures out.

If you think you don’t have time to get into CrossFit just because you’re an entrepreneur, well, we’ve pretty much scoped it out, so you don’t get any more excuses.

Source: Entrepreneur.