Just when you think you're tough enough

Cross Train

Home gym made cheap.. AND EASY! (YEZ YOU CAN HAZ BOTH)

The trick is to make use of your body weight.
If you are staying near children’s playground, that is even better, as you have found a good spot for pullups with soft landing floor.
Referring to previous topics, there are hell lots of exercises you can do with body weight.


Door way chin up bar. You can get this from the nearest fitness shops. Ranges from RM30 – RM70.


Dumbbells and Barbells. You can always buy more plates if you want to. You may find them in fitness shops or second hand shops. Second hand shop is recommended for dumbbells and barbells does not really require warranty. You will need these for the Olympic lifts, such as deadlifts, clean, front squats, back squats and other form of weighted squats. Dumbbells can range from RM40 – RM1xx. (psst. Your friends might have some laying around unused, too.) Barbells starts from RM80 – RM3xx. Higher range would be Olympic bars.


Shoes for running. Barefoot if you are adventurous, which is totally free. Both are recommended, so you may do it alternate day, so your feet can get more well rounded. Note: if you are running barefoot, please join your local barefoot running club. They will recommend safe route and advices new runners. Shoes price ranges from RM1xx onwards.


skipropeRope skipping. You may find jump ropes from fitness shops, price usually starts from RM15. If you are doing double unders, you will need some good speed ropes, which can go up to RM1xx range.


Timer. You may use your smart phones. If you are into HIIT, there are lots of free HIIT apps available, too. Or you can get countdown timers at Daiso for RM5 each.


Water and towel.


Master these basic moves – pullups, pushups and squats!
Gradually adds reps and reduce rest time. Increase speed and intensity.
Stay focus in that time period. Don’t stop and take photos. Resting time between sets are optional. But not too long. Preferably not more than 1 minute.
Compete with friends for time and rounds. That’s how you can improve.


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