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Hindu Squats – One Of The Most Effective Hamstring Exercises

With the demand for more results in each exercise, trainers and exercise experts have devised a wide range of variations from the basic movements. New exercising techniques have been performed and taught, from the regular pushup, came the dive bomber pushup and the Hindu pushup, which both benefits the whole body positively.

For the lower body and the benefit of the hamstrings and the lungs, from the regular squat, comes the Hindu squat, also known as bethaks and have been done for many years by Indian wrestlers for their training.


Beneficial for the lungs, Hindu squats are also one of the most effective hamstring exercises as it adds tension to the hind thighs throughout the exercise.

To begin the Hindu squat, start with an upright position.

Your feet must be shoulder width apart, with your arms stretched out in front of you. Inhale as you close your fists and slowly pull your arms back to your to forefront your underarms. Make sure to pull back strongly but slowly, tightening your grip as you reach your body.

Source: Pace Living
Source: Pace Living

With your back straight, slowly bend your knees and lower yourself down in a few counts, exhaling as you go along. Make sure to take each step slow as to magnify the benefits of the exercise. As you go down, forcefully drop your arms slowly, still clenched straight, if possibly behind your back and stretch your arms down as you reach the lowest possible position on your bended knees. When you reach your knees, slowly rise on your toes, and refrain from moving to quick and falling off your stance.

After a few counts, rise slowly, back still straight and swing your arms chest forward to parallel the floor as per first move. While rising, slowly lower your heels to the floor to give more balance to yourself when you stand fully at the last stance. Do several Hindu squats for full counts with your daily hamstring exercises.

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