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Highly recommended Women’s Run with Adidas Runners KL

All ladies are welcomed to join the Women’s Run by Adidas Runners KL every 3rd Saturday of the month.

In 2019, Adidas Runners KL (ARKL) kicked off the year by hosting a monthly Women’s Run open to all levels of runners from beginners to enthusiasts.

Every third Saturday of the month, every woman, lady or girl are invited to join the Women’s Run based in Sunway Pyramid, Selangor.

Led by co-captain Tasha Jacky and Adidas Pacers – Elyne Chin, Efa Ibrahim and Afiqah Aziz, the runners traversed Sunway City in a 3.5km loop mainly along pedestrian paths. The ‘Sunway Police Patrol’ escorted the ladies along the route, manning traffic at critical junctions and making sure everyone was safe.

Although this was a women’s run, Adidas’ male pacers – Asyraf Spark, Izzad Zainal, Zubair Ansari and Nathaniel Keshan ran alongside and played ‘sweeper’ to make sure no one got left behind.

You would feel really safe running with ARKL with so many safety precautions and friendly pacers. We highly recommend that you make this Women’s Run part of your training.

Runners were split into groups according to their running capabilities and helmed by different pacers, so you won’t feel pressured or left out during the run. What I loved most was the ‘high-five welcome’ at the end of the run.

Runners who had ended their run first lined up to give the incoming runners a high-five and to end the run on a high note.

For an April special, the ladies were treated to a ‘Plank Challenge’ and boy, did they live up to it. Some ladies held out for 6 minutes and had to be stopped! Otherwise, we might be there till lunch (kidding!).

Also goes to show, that strong core muscles will improve your running too!

Adidas Runner’s KL Co-Captain Tasha Jacky (center)

“I love that Adidas Runners KL emphasized on having a monthly women’s run. The women’s session is definitely empowering, as it speaks the universal language of women whereby we ladies can run together without feeling ashamed, embarrassed or downgraded,” said Co-Captain, Tasha Jacky.

“We as pacers are always proud of the spirit within every one of the ladies who push their limits, support each other and empower one another,” she continued.

Join ARKL next on their monthly sessions for free through the Runtastic smartphone application. For more info, join the Adidas Runners KL Facebook group here.

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