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Herbalife Adds New Pomegranate-Berry Burst Flavor to Its Naturally-Driven Liftoff® Effervescent Energy Supplement

Nutrition Company Offers a Zero Sugar Energy Boost and Responds to Global Market Trends Favoring Botanical and Herbal Ingredients

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global nutrition company Herbalife recently added a new pomegranate-berry flavor to its Liftoff® energy boosting effervescent supplement.


As people across the country continue participating in healthy and active physical activities and want to increase their energy levels without compromising their healthy nutritional habits, Herbalife introduces a new flavor to its Liftoff® product with naturally-derived ingredients.

Liftoff® Pomegranate-Berry Burst contains 75 mg of caffeine, which helps consumers stay alert and focused,* as well as temporarily increasing metabolism.* This product contains a specially selected Panax ginseng root extract, and ginsenosides, which support brain function, accelerate memory recall†, and help reduce the feeling of mental fatigue.* Liftoff® Pomegranate-Berry Boost is loaded with Vitamin C, and a spectrum of energy-supporting B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12).*

According to a Datamonitor Consumer report, a 2013 survey by the International Food Information Council found that 47% of American consumers have given “a lot” of thought in the past year to the ingredients in the foods and beverages they consume, with 68% saying that they have paid special attention to sugars and 55% to caffeine when reading ingredient labels and choosing products. The report also cited that this is accompanied by rising interest in botanical or herbal ingredients. According to the American Botanical Council, sales of herbal supplements in the U.S. have grown from $4.1bn in 1999 to $5bn in 2009 to nearly $5.6bn in 2012 (ABC, 2013).

“We are excited to introduce this new flavor to this effervescent supplement line because it adds variety to a product that many consumers already enjoy as an energy supplement during the day. Whether you’re a physically active athlete, gym-goer, or simply need an energy boost after lunch or anytime during the day, Liftoff® Pomegranate-Berry Burst is a great option that will not add unnecessary extra calories to your diet,” stated Ibi Fleming, senior vice president and managing director for Herbalife North America.

With only 15 calories and zero sugar, this effervescent energy supplement supports an active, on-the-go lifestyle in a practical and convenient effervescent tablet. The suggested retail price for the 10-count box is $19.45. All Herbalife products are sold exclusively through Herbalife Independent Members.