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Hammering to Success: Kelvin Lim Advocates Proper Sports Nutrition

Kelvin Lim – General Manager of Adrenalin Addict Asia hammers his way to success advocating proper sports nutrition.

Some say humans just need that one trigger to make life changing decisions. For 36-year-old Kelvin Lim, General Manager of Adrenalin Addict Asia, it came in the form of a shocking awakening one Sunday morning when his wife signed him up to a 10km running event.

In that race in 2011, Kelvin was a typical corporate guy: comfortably working in the market research industry, leading a sedentary life and was rather underweight with fatty liver, high cholesterol, eczema issues etc.. He laboured through the rat race, and had that “aha” moment of how huge the running scene was.

As he started walking and jogging, every step along that first 10km race made Kelvin Lim reflect on life.

As he started walking and jogging, every step along that first 10km race made Kelvin Lim reflect on life.

On a “runner’s high”, Kelvin signed up for a 21km run immediately after and suffered through it, but fortunately survived the ordeal. Without proper training or nutrition, he put his body through unnecessary stress and it reciprocated with a complete shutdown: cramps and crashed his immune system.

It then dawned on Kelvin that as the running market grew, there could be hundreds more runners who would similarly go through his painful experiences. Too often, the intention of signing friends and loved ones up for races were good, but the consequences could pose otherwise.



Convinced that having an active lifestyle would be his new mantra (and his intuition that the mass sporting industry would thrive soon), Kelvin soon plunged into the sports industry, working his way from an employee to a stakeholder of a local company. He dabbled into all things running, ranging from technical gear to apparel to nutrition.

He had a particularly keen interest on nutrition: a necessary fuel pre-, during and post-activity. Being a “market research” person at heart, he tried every sports nutrition products in the market to understand which worked and which didn’t. Already active by then, he realised that Hammer Nutrition worked best for him and has since became a strong advocate of the brand.


In 2015, Kelvin took the plunge to go on a solo entrepreneurial journey. As luck would have it, he landed the Hammer Nutrition deal, clinching an exclusive distributorship for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Immediately, he set out to educate the general public on the importance of nutrition in sports. Additionally, he strategically sponsored aspiring young athletes such as Aldrian Yeo, Serena Yang, Edwin Thiang and Ziq Junaidy from the Team TIME Triathlon group with Hammer Nutrition.

Today, Hammer Nutrition is dubbed as one of the best supplements for athletes in the market, with some of those youngsters supported by Kelvin back in the days have bloomed into age group podium finishers, ultra-marathoners and some that might even make Malaysia proud in the upcoming 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

Beyond getting the Hammer Nutrition brand to be the fuel of choice for national athletes, Kelvin’s greatest joy is to see that the general sports enthusiasts are continuously educated in the area of sports nutrition, just so that they can continue to enjoy their beloved active lifestyle for many years to come.


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