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Groove to Latin Funk with Armour @ The Bay, Singapore – 05.07.2016

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  • Date: 05th July 2016
  • Venue: Clifford Square by Fullerton Bay, Singapore
  • Schedule:
    • 6.30pm Latin Funk
    • 7.30pm Latin Funk
  • Register here

Participate in free workout sessions conducted by dance group fitness instructor Farah Fakar at Clifford Square by Fullerton Bay, in Singapore.

Latin Funk

Latin Funk is a Latin-inspired, calorie-burning class that combines high intensity dance moves with cardio and toning for a complete whole body workout. This class focuses on improving cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, body control and self-esteem with heart-thumping music.

It is the perfect way to shape up and have fun while you bust some moves and feel the burn!

Participants are required to sign up at the link below, and gather at our Collyer Quay store half an hour before the event to fill in the indemnity form.


Farah Fakar

Farah is a freelance dance group fitness instructor who leads warm ups and exercises for major events throughout Asia.

Farah has many independent weekly gigs and also enjoys permanent slots on the Fiesta 1 schedules across their studio’s in Singapore. Farah is also a member of many community fitness groups such as Lion City Spartans. She has a very large and broad following given her diverse interest in ‘all things fitness’ spanning hard core Spartan racing through to dance. Farah is well known for her high energy, wild and loud grunty approach to street dance.