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Green Arrow strikes through the American Ninja Warrior

My name is Oliver Queen. For five years, I was stranded on an island with only one goal….” to get on the American Ninja Warrior (ANW)?

How will Stephen Amell from TV series, Arrow do on his run on the American Ninja Warrior? (Twitter)

If you’re familiar with the TV show – Arrow, the star of the superhero TV series, Stephen Amell is synonymous with the Green Arrow, armed with a bow and arrow, stunts involving MMA – mixed martial arts and wash-board abs. It’s no surprise he was invited to ANW’s “celebrity edition” episode in which comedians like Nikki Glaser, broadcast journalist Natalie Morales, retired MLB player Nick Swisher, and more will compete for a chance to climb Mount Midoriyama.

The episode won’t premiere until May 25, but NBC has released a sneak peek at Amell’s exceptional performance. We’ve seen him on the Salmon Ladder in Arrow – one of ANW’s toughest exercise, and he makes it look naturally easy.

For the 2017 special, every celebrity competitor will be coached by a veteran American Ninja Warrior competitor. Seen here in the sneak peak is Kacy Catanzaro who became the first woman to complete the qualifying course on America Ninja Warrior Season 6. She will coach Amell, and accompanies him during his trial on ANW. How will he fare?

Watch a sneak peak of The Arrow’s Stephen Amell run the Ninja Warrior course.