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Greater things do happen when Chandler Smith doesn’t qualify for CrossFit Games

CrossFit Chandler Smith
Image from Instagram.

Just sometimes, it’s not always about qualifying for the CrossFit Games. And just sometimes, a new star will shine from the CrossFit Regionals, in the form of Chandler Smith to keep inspiring others around him as well.

This 22 year old Chandler has got indisputable style, swagger, and performance in his first CrossFit Regionals.

Chandler’s road to regionals included a 605lb deadlift, 345lb clean and jerk, and 61 unbroken pull ups, impressive to say the least.

CrossFit Chandler Smith
Image from Instagram.

He was in contention for the podium up until the third day, things took a turn in Event 6 when the weekend took a toll on him and he couldn’t recover or bounce back. Nevertheless, this sterling talent might learn to pace himself better next year.

“Thankful. It’s gonna take weeks to get back to everyone but I can not fully express how grateful I am for every single person who helped make this weekend the best one of my life”, said Chandler on Instagram.

“While the end result was different than what was desired, the lessons learned and friends gained were more than I ever could have hoped for,” added Chandler.

Chandler Smith was recently declared 'Fittest in the State' by CrossFit Games. (Instagram)
Chandler Smith was recently declared ‘Fittest in the State’ by CrossFit Games. (Instagram)

CrossFit is great as it allows an equal playing field, where every rookie gets inspired to contest against the best, and sometimes create some upsets.

I love this sport and am beyond excited to see how far we can take it from here. I don’t know how things will turn out in the short term, but I can promise you this; I’m in it for the long haul.


On social media, Chandler has been featured a few times on CrossFit Games’s twitter and his Instagram following has tripled over the Regionals’ weekend. In the long run, he stands to gain endorsements and support in the coming year. How’s that for not qualifying?

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