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Glowing party on the run with Illumi Run Malaysia 2018

As we stepped into the Selangor Turf Club, where the Illumi Run was held recently, it was like a carnival! Lots of beautiful lights adorned the night sky, with cute flamingo and flat pineapple floats adding to the atmosphere.

Everyone was busy taking photos as the floats made the perfect props for selfies! My new running buddy, Imad and I grabbed the free milo, popcorn and cotton candy and marched to the start line where the music was blasting loudly.

Many participants surrounding the stage were already happily dancing the night away, with lights shining everywhere like a disco! We were splashed by neon glow paint and instantly illuminated in the dark under the ultra-violet light.

This was a run unlike any other. In fact, as the run flagged off we were dancing!

It was very nice experience to witness all the participants run, walk, dance and take pictures along the route while enjoying and having a great party. Definitely, a great way to bond with friends while keeping the healthy lifestyle.

As we got out of the first tunnel filled with fun and lights, about 1km from the start line, I was immediately shot HARD with waterguns. I even grabbed one of the waterguns to seek revenge. However, I suddenly realised I had lost my phone in the chaos. I spent a long time looking for it in the immediate vicinity but could not find it.   

Disheartened, we decided to finish the run but all the zones had already packed up. Nevertheless, we ran the remaining 3km to the finish line escorted by 3 motorcycles, feeling like professional runners.

Overall, despite the setback, we enjoyed the atmosphere and it’s certainly an event you and your friends and family would not want to miss! One of the improvements that can be considered is to provide the a waterproof pouch for smart phones in the race kit for the next run.

Photos courtesy of Illumi Run Malaysia and Isabelle Chin.

More about the author

Isabelle Chin is an adventurous soul who is unafraid to take up challenges. She started with zero background in athletics, and has now done an aquathlon, Spartan, Viper and running races. She is determined to improve her performance because she believes the only limit is herself.

More about the author

Imad Ahmad embarked on his running journey in July 2017 and has since been committed to improving his fitness level. He has completed numerous fun runs ranging from 5km – 12km and is looking forward to doing his maiden half marathon in March 2018.