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Get your heartbeat raising with cardio, cycling or weight-lifting with SpeedoFIT Aquatic Training

SPEEDO USA introduces Speedo FIT: a new aquatic-based training and product program, that goes beyond swimming.

Created in partnership with EXOS, the global leader in human performance, Speedo FIT is a platform designed to inspire and equip athletes at all levels to explore the unique science and power of training in the water.

(Facebook/Speedo USA)
(Facebook/Speedo USA)

“It’s no secret that swimming is one of the best full body workouts, but this water training goes beyond swimming laps, shifting the workout from purely horizontal to vertical, including cardio, resistance,  and stretching,” said Jim Gerson, President of Speedo USA.

Speedo USA used a science-based approach to identify the key benefits of water to design specific water training techniques and allow for customization based on fitness goals including Power, Endurance and Recovery.

(Facebook/Speedo USA)
(Facebook/Speedo USA)

As part of the launch of Speedo FIT, Speedo USA will feature five of Team Speedo’s elite Olympic athletes – Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, Natalie Coughlin, Nathan Adrian and Cullen Jones to #GetSpeedoFit. These athletes will highlight a variety of exercises that can be done in water to inspire all athletes to embrace the power of the water.

The comprehensive Speedo FIT program is available, including information on the five major benefits of water; more than 60 training and swim tip videos, and Speedo USA’s innovative assortment of fitness suits and water training gear.

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There’s fit, and now there’s Speedo FIT. Watch this video and get going.