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Get wet, muddy and tough in Eco X Adventure Race 2015 – 14.06.2015

Eco-X Adventure Race 2015
Eco-X is back again for 2015 with our popular Adventure Run races, which will be held on Sunday 14th June!

There will be individual and team categories, meaning you can race for individual glory or you can compete in a team of 3 . For team races the team time will be based on each team’s overall finish time.

These races are non-technical, there’s no rock climbing / abseiling, high ropes or navigation skills and no roller blading skills required, meaning you don’t have to be a seasoned adventure racer to take part. You can expect to be climbing over obstacles, crawling through mud, crossing rivers, scrambling up / down hills and crawling through caves.

Don’t be fooled though, these races will be just as challenging! These courses have been designed to physically test even the best athletes. Our different distances offer different levels of challenge allowing you to choose how hardcore you are!

Simply follow the off-road trails laid for you, and tackle the obstacles in your way, cross rivers and lakes, crawl through mud, and you might even find yourself in the darkness!

Eco-X Adventure Race 2015

Our Adventure Run features a number of man made obstacles and some natural challenges between you and the finish line. Here’s an idea of some of what you can expect to face:

  • Float / Run down the river
  • Walls to climb over
  • Nets to crawl under
  • Mud to crawl through
  • Ditches to cross
  • Water Tunnels to run through*
  • Streams to follow*
  • Hills to climb*
  • A 2km long cave to explore*
  • A mystery challenge**
  • Crossing Sungai Kampar**
  • A short cave to navigate**

*Only 11km & 21km Categories

**21km Category Only


We have 4 individual categories for you to choose from, each with their own level of challenge and adventure. We will also be hosting a team category for teams of 3 in the 21km Category, with the team time being calculated by your overall time.


  • For the hardcore and those looking for a new level of challenge! We’ve ensured this course is for the best of the best!
  • 21km Team Category
  • Each team will consist of 3 team members and your team’s time will be the cumulative time of all 3 team members. Teams should work together to get through this course to finish with the fastest possible overall time.
  • Start Time: 8:30am


  • A shorter race for those who prefer a sprint! But don’t be fooled, this will still test you!
  • Start Time: 8:50am


  • A non-competitive fun run for those looking to simply have fun and a small adventure.
  • Start Time: 9:15am


  • Eco X-Cape for the kids! This is a non-competitive fun-run designed for children 12 & Below.
  • Start Time: 9:40am

Early Bird Prices Applicable Until 30th April

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Watch the Eco X-Cape 2014 Trailer here.

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