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Get stronger at home working out with everyday items

Fitness trainer Karen Siah advises on home workouts with everyday items during this lockdown.

With all the additional snacking and eating at home during this lockdown, it is inevitable that you will be gaining weight. Therefore, get up and MOVE!

Fitness trainer with 8 years of experience and 2-time IRONMAN triathlete Karen Siah lends us her expertise on how to get moving at home with everyday items.

ToughASIA: What everyday items (or even body weight) can be used as workout tools to focus on strength and conditioning, and cardio activities?

Karen Siah: Runners and triathletes do not tend to focus on strength and conditioning, which can definitely give you that extra edge on top of your endurance training. Personally, I think body weight exercises are more than sufficient to get your heart rate up and fine tune your stability, range of motion as well as core strength.

Anything from a 1.5L water bottle, 5 or 10kg sack of rice to carrying your own baby can be used for a simple resistance training.

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ToughASIA: Can you give us some examples of home workouts?

Karen Siah: I think now is a great time to work on core strength; so V-ups, bicycles, oblique crunches, planks are all great exercises. For some cardio, the stairs are amazing for upping your VO2 Max as well as strengthening your lower body muscles.

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ToughASIA: Any additional tips you would like to share?

Karen Siah: Stay hydrated. Working out in your own home can sometimes be warm and humid if you are used to working out in an air conditioned gym. Use time-based HIIT exercises to get your adrenaline fix.

Alternatively, if you just want to reset and take a break, now’s also a good time to stretch and rejuvenate.