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Gear Up for a Unique DECATHLON Sports Experience at Four Seasons

Decathlon raises the bar and sets a whole new ball game for sports shopping as it launches the most disruptive sports experience ever in Decathlon’s history.

Nestled in the heart of bustling Kuala Lumpur, Decathlon’s new flagship store at Shoppes @ Four Seasons is set to become the first ever Decathlon store in the world that gives its customers more than just retail as it officially opens on 14th May 2022. It promises customers a unique Sports Experience Centre that incorporates lifestyle elements such as physiotherapy services, fitness studios with workout classes, a healthy eating restaurant and the first ever hotpod yoga in Southeast Asia.

“Decathlon KL City Centre will be the new disruptive business model; this concept is a first test for Decathlon Malaysia and also first in the world in Decathlon history. As Decathlon Malaysia, we adapt our business model to Malaysia and Malaysians.” said Arnaud Sauret, Chief Executive Officer of Decathlon Malaysia.

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“We launched our production “Made in Malaysia”, we do business with Malaysians, we complete our exclusive offer – yes, we design and conceptualize our own products with a R&D centre of 300 designers and 850 engineers – with our local partners which projects across our products and services.”

We achieve our mission, locally and we are different in this market. We adapt to the local sport market and we are here to make sport accessible to more sports lovers in Malaysia.” continued Arnaud.

Building a Sustainable Sports community

Arnaud added that Decathlon also aspires to build a sustainable sporting community through this flagship store and urged customers to join the MY Decathlon Club and make full use of not one, not two, but three Decastudios that are ready to receive passionate souls brimming with smiles and energy.

Decathlon partners with Manic Studio by Evomania and Hot Yo Studio to give members a world-class workout experience.

What’s more, Decathlon also partnered with Protech, Evomania Nutrition and Garmin to give customers the best of other sporting brands. Aside from this, members will also enjoy exclusive membership benefits.

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As the saying goes – no pain, no gain!

In Decathlon, there is one thing the team lives by – after the effort comes the comfort!

Decathlon KL City Centre is all set to envelop customers in peace and serenity with its specially designed bathrooms and changing rooms that is not only made to cleanse the body but also the mind. Besides, there are two medical rooms by Physiowerkz – a Movement Dysfunctions Centre, equipped and ready to tend to pain, disabilities and other movement related problems.

This is done with their innovative Physiowerkz Movement Analysis and Treatment System (PMAT), that has been designed to accurately diagnose and help patients understand what sort of treatment their body actually needs. In addition, customers can also have a full body check-up when visiting the store to achieve maximum performance while engaging in their favourite sport.

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Together with the healthy food partner Agrain, they opened up its first healthy restaurant in Decathlon KL City Centre, both brands are on a mission to make eating healthy simple and accessible. Agrain also advocates for inclusivity in its food by catering to all diet preferences be it vegan, vegetarian, halal and the list goes on.

With food that is oven-baked only, most of the ingredients used are sourced directly from local farms in Malaysia and the sauces made from scratch in-house.

Aside from the physical store, Decathlon also has their very own mobile app that makes it even more convenient and accessible to all. Do not forget to check out these promotions in store, in conjunction with the store’s opening. For more details, visit