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Gan Heng Chye “Beats Yesterday”, Finished 6th And Achieved A Personal Best!

Beat yesterday! As cliche as it may sound, Gan Heng Chye inspires and motivates himself to constantly improve himself in running.

“Running keeps my weight in check, and I’ve been running seriously since 2013 after my maiden half marathon”

Six years and a lot of determination later, the Bentong-born scored a Personal Best (PB) timing in the 21km race at the Garmin Marathon, with the added bonus of a sixth place. This achievement was a culmination of his consistent training and use of technology and science – VO2 max, tempo/threshold and LSD runs – to build a good base for his half marathon race.

Heng Chye’s progress in half marathons (21km):

  • BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2013 – 1:49:29.
  • Bentong Half Marathon 2018 – 1:37:00
  • Garmin Marathon 2019 – 1:35:48.

Heng Chye’s passion in both cycling and running fuels his performance in duathlons too.

Besides running, Heng Chye also cycles with the Pedalholics Cycling Club (PCC) Malaysia. The ride leader can be spotted riding around Klang Valley and other popular cycling havens in Selangor or his hometown in Pahang on weekends with the club. With a fervent passion for both cycling and running, Heng Chye also excels in duathlon and placed in the top five of his category at the GCE Elimina Duathlon recently.

With more experience now, Heng Chye has gained knowledge about how his body performs under different loads and this helps to discover the kind of training which is most significant to improve his body’s performance.

Slogging the daily grind as a production manager at a manufacturing plant, Heng Chye believes in investing in an active lifestyle and training hard to enjoy his personal achievements.

Heng Chye en route to his Half Marathon PB at the Garmin Marathon.

A few guidelines Heng Chye set for his PB during his race:

  • Pre-race breakfast 2 hours before race.
  • Do not overload the body and to stay focused on the target set.
  • Time for some water! Manage hydration and body temperature helped to maintain the performance.
  • Running without gels, grab some isotonic drinks to avoid cramps.