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Fuel Your Race With A Feast at Penghu Marathon


Imagine a marathon where the route and the local delicacies spur you onto completing the race. Last weekend, more than 2,800 people took part in the Penghu Cross-Sea marathon based in Taiwan.

When the international borders and flights reopen, look forward to the Taiwan marathon which covered various distances including a full marathon. Organisers pointed out that it is Taiwan’s only marathon that covers more than one island.

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You can choose to omit your regular choice of energy gels as the organisers has it planned for you. Feast on sumptuous local delicacies and seafood during or after you have completed your choice of race distance.

According to Focus Taiwan, the organisers prepared 28 dishes and desserts famous in Penghu, such as crab congee and brown sugar cake. The food was served to the runners along the route, so they were able to enjoy both the sights and the food of the archipelago. A feast was also held as a celebration for the runners later in the day.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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