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Free Yoga or Circuit Training with Armour @ The Park: KLCC Park – 15.03.2016

Armour at the Park KLCC

Participate in a free workout session conducted by our partner gyms: YogaOneThatIWant and PFC Studio every week at KLCC Park.

Start off the workout with a warm-up 2KM Community Run around the park and then choose between a 1 Hour Flow Yoga Class or a 1 Hour Circuit Training Workout.

Participants are required to gather at the Under Armour KLCC Brand House in Suria KLCC half an hour before the event to fill in an indemnity form.

Register for free workout at this link.

Flow Yoga

Flow yoga serves as a strength-training process and to help build lean muscle mass throughout the body. The different poses, especially the standing, arm balances, backbends and inversions utilize body resistance while placing stress on muscles and fatiguing them. The benefit of using vinyasa yoga as a primary method of building lean muscle mass is that all muscle groups receive equal attention, creating balanced strength throughout the body. The continual flowing movements of vinyasa yoga help stretch and elongate your muscles while they are being strengthened, allowing you greater mobility and range of motion.


Personal Fitness Coach (PFC) is a personal training, sport performance training & fitness education studio operated by a dynamic team of internationally certified trainers.


The team at PFC is enthusiastic about what they do and they are always eager to apply improved training methodologies to their client’s training to improve the way their clients train. PFC is also an advocate of fitness education, with a genuine passion to develop fitness professionals’ growth in the fitness industry – PFC brings a variety of courses and certifications to keep trainers abreast on the latest training methodology.

PFC’s experience in the fitness industry and their passion to continuously advance industry’s standards have made them a team of fitness professionals, and a brand to be reckoned with.
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YogaOneThatIWant (YOTIW) Studios, is your destination towards healthy living. Apart from yoga, YOTIW Studios also offer other fitness classes such as Pilates, Zumba, Box Fit etc. Be part of our community as you could make new friends, reduce stress, challenge your body and most importantly, commit to better health. Our exceptional teachers combine adept with creativity, compassion and humor, making YOTIW Studios the perfect place for beginners and experienced yogis alike.