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Free Qualifying Runs for Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 2021

Trail runners look forward to running at the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) every August. However, this year’s race has been cancelled due to COVID-19. UTMB consists of races many distance categories.

With the popularity of trail running on the increase, it has been harder to race at UTMB. Runners would first need to complete qualifying races, and then register in the qualifying draw. If you are lucky, you would be go through the whole process of racing and qualifying within a 2-year window; if not, you would spend a few years hoping to get picked in the qualifying draw.

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With this year’s cancellation, the organisers have created a free virtual race to provide you with the opportunity to qualify for the OCC 56km and CCC 101km.  Registrations will take place from 20 July, and you have until 30 August to complete your runs.

To qualify for OCC and CCC, you would need to run 50km with an elevation gain of 2,500+m and 100km with an elevation gain of 4,500+m respectively. 3 lucky winners will then be picked in the qualifying draw.

Do check for UTMB’s Facebook page for more details coming up soon.