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Fitrate Crossfit App helps CrossFit athletes track heart rate and health during workouts

Berlin, Germany (PRWEB) May 05, 2015 – Fitrate Crossfit App is a workout and health log specifically studied for CrossFit.


The app measures calories and heart rate via Apple Watch® or any heart rate tracker during a WOD (“Workout Of the Day”) and the heart rate recovery 60 seconds and 120 seconds after a WOD.

The heart rate recovery is an important indicator of heart-related health risks for Crossfit Athletes. A “normal” heart rate recovery value is more than 12 beats per minute (BPM) in the first 60 seconds and more than 22 BPM in the first 120 seconds. Fitrate allows to track performance with respect to these values over time.

Athletes may simply connect viaApple Watch® or heart rate tracker and start recording with Fitrate Crossfit App at the start of the WOD. Fitrate keeps running for as long as is wanted after the workout is finished and the athletes decide to stop recording and punch in their WOD time and other detail they want (reps, notes, WOD name…). At that point, Fitrate automatically calculates their heart rate, max heart rate, heart rate recovery and calories based on the WOD time they punched in.

Fitrate is the first WOD and health log thought by CrossFitters with CrossFit in mind. It allows to track not only WOD improvements based on time and reps, but it also helps to keep track of health, based on the evolution of heart rate levels and their post-workout recovery times.

The Fitrate Crossfit App Video explains these features in detail.

Fitrate Features

  • Connects via Apple Watch® or any heart rate tracker;
  • Specifically thought for CrossFit;


  • Date
  • Workout name and results (reps, time, notes)
  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate recovery
  • Calories
  • Allows editing of the overall WOD time and re-calculates all values accordingly.
  • Stores values

Fitrate is currently running a crowdfunding campaign at this address:


Fitrate will be available on the App Store in the second half of 2015. Fitrate is designed for iPhone® and iPod touch®. Fitrate requires OS 7.0 or newer.