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Fighting Champion Chris Weidman proves #GymisEverywhere

With just a park bench, you can high knees, push ups and dips to strengthen your body. No excuses! (Reebok.com)

If not having a gym is your excuse to not working out, you’re excuse is no longer valid. All you need is the environment around you – even when training for a title fight.

On his quest to regain his belt, Reebok athlete and former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman turned the streets of Manhattan into his training gym last week, proving that the Gym is Everywhere.

If you feel like emulating some boxing or fighting skills, feel free to find a tree to focus on, and do some shadow boxing.

Even a tree can be your shadow boxing companion. (Reebok)
Even a tree can be your shadow boxing companion. (Reebok)

Bob & Weave Shadow Boxing: 1 Minute

  • Throw a 4-punch combo and switch feet to alternate side of tree and throw another 4-punch combo.
  • Strike quickly and effectively
  • Works the whole body from the ground up, both muscular and cardiovascular systems and improves strike technique.

Moving onto park benches, you can do these as well.

1. High Knee Step Ups: 15 Reps on each leg

  • Helps strengthen the quads, glutes, hamtrings and calves, as well as improve balance.

2. Incline Pushups: 15 – 20 slow reps

  • Improves shoulder strength
Chris Weidman
Decline Push-ups improves strength of the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core stabilizers. (Reebok)

3. Decline Push Ups: 20-25 reps

  • Improves strength of the chest, shoulders, triceps, as well the core stabilizers.

4. Bench Dips: 15 – 20

  • Improves triceps and core strength

Watch Chris’s video to get some inspiration and adrenaline flowing.

Source: Reebok.