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Father-to-be struggles with fake pregnant belly at CrossFit workout

Blake Milchuck straps a medicine ball to simulate a pregnant belly in a CrossFit workout. (Instagram/CrossFit Krypton)

Father-to-be Blake Milchuck hit the CrossFit gym with a different challenge in mind to understand what his expectant wife goes through in a typical workout session.

Blake strapped a 14-pound medicine ball to his chest to find out how his 37-week pregnant copes with air bikes, push-ups over bar and rowing machines.

In an Instagram video shared by CrossFit Krypton, Blake struggles with some push-ups at the start while gingerly leaping over the bar. Pulling the handlebar up high on the rowing machine, Blake’s clearly out of breath and holding on to his ball-y (belly) on the air bike.

Time for more expecting couples to hit the box together and understand each other better. Of course, expecting ladies are advised to get their doctor’s advise before performing strenuous workouts.

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