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Extreme sports athlete Shahrom Abdullah heads to the North Pole in 2017

Shahrom Abdullah will be joined by in the North Pole Expedition 2017 (My NewsHub)
Shahrom Abdullah will be joined by Muhamad Muqharabbin and Muhammad Irwan in the North Pole Expedition 2017 (My NewsHub)

There’s no stopping Malaysia’s favourite extreme sports athlete Shahrom Abdullah, who dwelves in duathlons, triathlons and has even skied to the South Pole.

According to the Malaysian 7 Continents Exploration Club (KE7B), the 37-year old Shahrom will be joined by fellow extreme sports athlete Muhamad Muqharabbin Mokhtarrudin, 34 and Muhammad Irwan Yusoff, 36 in the North Pole Expedition scheduled for April 2017.

During the launch, the athletes went through their first physical training session involving pulling a 50kg along a 3km distance. The session simulates pulling a ski vehicle filled with gears and provisions while walking through the North Pole on skis.

Shahrom knows no boundaries, having represented Malaysia in numerous extreme sports, duathlon and triathlons, and has also just completed the South Pole expedition in 2015. Meanwhile, Muhammad Irwan is also an extreme sports athlete having crossed Greenland in 2014.

Shahrom Abdullah at the first training session for the North Pole expedition. (MyNewsHub)
Shahrom Abdullah at the first training session for the North Pole expedition. (MyNewsHub)

Muhammad Muqharabbin is also the President of KE7B and was also part of the Mount Everest expedition in 2004 and the first Malaysian hiker to conquer the seven highest peaks in the seven continents of the world in 2010.

“Besides extreme cold weather and temperatures reaching negative 40 celsius, the athletes will face challenges in thin ice, rough surfaces and accumulating snow which makes skiing difficult.”

“In fact, polar bears too can be a threat as the Nort Pole is their natural habitat,” said Datuk Akmar Hisham Mohkhles, KE7B’s Advisor.


According to Akmar, KE7B has notched international success through their missions – 7 Highest Peaks across 7 Continents in 2010, cycling across 23 countries, swimming across the English Channel in 2012, Felda Everest Mission in 2013, expedition across Greenland in 2014, crossing the South Pole in 2015 dan kayaking around Peninsular Malaysia in 2015.

The KE7B has less than a year to put their athletes through intensive physical and mental training to face the harsh challenges at the North Pole. The expedition will be carried out in 2 plans, either by ‘All The Way’ for 222km over 21 days or ‘Last Degree Ski’ for 111km over 11 days.

Source: MyNewsHub