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Explore and try new sports in YUBER Sports Weekend Programme for kids

Yuber Sports for Kids

You know what they say, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”.

Kids are meant to get out there and play to, try out new things and explore new motor skills. Hey, it’s not always easy to catch a ball, right?

Try different sports every weekend

In the spirit of development, Yuber Sports are offering 20 different sports for kids to play and explore. Where else can you choose from a multitude of sports like Dodgeball, Trampoline, Slack Lining, Street Dance, Cycling, Ultimate Frisbee, Aikido and lots more?

Yuber Sports are the leading experts in leadership and character development for children through sports.  Their programmes reach over 1,600 students every day to help them build confidence and agility in both body and mind.

Your child could be the next sports star!

Four different sports are offered per weekend, so let your kid explore and find out which one they love best. They could be the next sports star!

Have a look at the schedule and register your child now. These programmes are meant for kids 8 years and above.

Yuber Sports for Kids in May 2015

Yuber Sports for Kids in June 2015

For more information, check out the official website at or follow them on Facebook. Contact them at or call 03 – 5631 4879.

Empower your kids through sports!