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Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview with Peter Davis on Cycling, MMA and Motorsports

Peter Davis looking dapper in Ted Baker. Facebook/Peter Davis)
Peter Davis looking dapper in Ted Baker. (Facebook/Peter Davis)

Well known and loved in the world of MMA and ONE Championship, Peter Davis gets a resounding welcome from all his fans everywhere he goes.

But do you really know the secret behind his success in MMA? We caught up with Peter for an exclusive interview to delve into his secret training and more.

TA: We uncovered that you have a love for mountain biking. Does your interest in Mountain Biking contribute to your MMA training?

Peter: I’ve been cycling since I was 5. When I was 16, we cycled everywhere in England as a mode of transport and a way of life. I believe I’m better in cycling than fighting in a way.

One of the things you get from cycling especially from mountain biking for MMA, is that you get very strong thighs, strong legs, power in your kicks and you get a very nice strong base especially if you ride BMX.

Also, you develop powerful forearm strength, so when I’m doing Jiu Jitsu grips or controlling someone’s wrist it’s great. It definitely has contributed to my style of fighting.

Peter Davis training hard for MMA (Facebook/Peter Davis)

TA: What bike are you riding and where have you been riding?

Peter: I’m riding a hybrid, GT Legato which I bought for my girlfriend but since she’s not riding it, I’ve taken over it. I’ve also a Specialized Tarmac road bike, but I’m not sure if it’s too small for me.

TA: What outfits will you be wearing for your training or fights?

Peter: I’ve many new outfits from Under Armour and Ted Baker. I suited up in Ted Baker for a gala event for Miss Universe Malaysia, and for One Fighting Championship. Needless to say, all my cycling and training will be in Under Armour for sure.

Peter Davis flanked by the Tough Asia team.
Peter Davis flanked by the Tough Asia team.

TA: How have you stepped up your training for this year?

Peter: I’m going more into motor sports this year. On Sunday mornings, I’ll either be driving a car or riding my roadbike. Last year, I had more fights so I was doing more road biking.

This year, at the beginning of the year I’ll be doing some car driving but in the afternoons, I’ll be mountain biking in TTDI with my old ‘orange missile’. It’s a 1996 frame with 26inch wheels. I need to bleed the brakes, replace the oils on the Fox shocks, and I’ve got a junk bike that’s good enough to get me through the tricky sections of Bukit Kiara. All this will be part of my training.

Apart from that, I hate running but I’ll run if I have to. I’ve done duathlons before and I’ll probably end up doing the Oakley duathlon. I’ll try and better my time since I had a knee injury the previous time.

In motor sports, I’ll also be driving a track car, fully caged up with a racing gear box. I have many things that I enjoy doing but I’ve to sacrifice one for another. Basically it’s cycling, fighting and cars.

Fr L-R: Adrian Chai (Under Armour), One FC fighters - Agilan Thani. Keanu Subba, Saiful Merican, EV Ting and Peter Davis, Victor Cui (ONE FC CEO)
Fr L-R: Adrian Chai (Under Armour), One FC fighters – Agilan Thani. Keanu Subba, Saiful Merican, EV Ting and Peter Davis, Victor Cui (ONE FC CEO)

TA: I know as a fighter you love to win. But what do learn most about your losses?

Peter: I learned not to get punched in the face that much and you’ll have a much better day. I have suffered four breaks to the skull, I’ve got two Titanium plates and magnets don’t stick, we’ve tried that.

Basically, I’ve learned from opponents like one way of take downs which was much better.

From that last fight, I’ve learned to be more patient as well. Patience is a virtue and necessary, especially when you’re fighting a guy with that much experience.

He lured me into going in and starting the exchange with him. I did that and fell into his trap when I should’ve just laid back and said, no, you come to me because I’m better at counter strikes. I rely on someone else throwing a punch and a kick, I’ll do something about that as opposed to going in head-on.

I got a good strike after that, one jab to the face with his full body weight on it. He felt it but then he got me back with another shot, and shortly after that, I fell for his trap and that was it.

As a professional, you should know not to run with ‘the heat of the moment’ and it was a learning experience instead.

Peter Davis missed out on the 29th Jan ONE: Clash of Heroes due to injury.
Peter Davis missed out on the 29th Jan ONE: Clash of Heroes due to injury.

TA: Has interest and talent picked up in Malaysia with MMA? How would you like the scene to be here?

Peter: This year, I’d like to help all the Malaysian fighters, as a group, to get Malaysian fighters more on the map than it currently is.

When I have more time, I’d like to go to gyms in East and West Malaysia and spread the word, using Malaysian Invasion as a platform to boost everyone’s confidence and participation.

TA: What’s your favourite move in MMA?

Peter: In the Submission would be the triangle choke. Mountain biking legs don’t gas out, I can do the triangle and I’d squeeze.

That’s pretty much my number one submission and I generally get people with that. Otherwise, it’s the round-house-kick or spinning back kick which you haven’t see any of, as that was my weapon in my last fight, but the opponent changed the plan. He was suppose to walk forward, but he stood still instead and he played the counter game which is my game. So I messed up and didn’t get to show any of my tricks.

Peter Davis with his Under Armour Superhero mates Facebook/Peter Davis)
Peter Davis with his Under Armour Superhero mates (Facebook/Peter Davis)

TA: Everyone seems to have a nickname in the cage. What’s yours?

Peter: Peter Davis.

TA: How come you don’t have one?

Peter: Well, someone came up with a bad nickname and I didn’t want that. So I said, can you just call me Peter Davis? Job done. At least you know who I am.

To the other fighters, train hard, get in there, do your best and show Malaysia what you’ve got and make the world recognise you.

And for all the fans out there, so if you’re into mountain biking, you could very well be the next Peter Davis if you take up MMA too!

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