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Exclusive Interview with Maslina Ismail: All you need is nine fingers


Determination, grit and strength are the three things this pretty girl, Maslina Ismail is made of. This time, Maslina Ismail won second place in the Hopper Warrior CrossFit competition organised by CrossFit Pahlawan recently.

Maslina lost out narrowly to regional athlete, Brownwyn Clacher from New Zealand in the competition which consisted of 4 events judged according to points. The winner will be the one who accumulated the most points in the 2-day competition.

Maslina Ismail right) finished second at Hopper Warrior 2015. Image from Facebook/Maslina.
Maslina Ismail (right) finished second at Hopper Warrior 2015. Image from Facebook/Maslina.

All you need is 9 fingers

The persistent haze proved to be an additional challenge which also caused the cancellation of the last event on the second day of competition. Despite not having regained full strength in her broken finger, Maslina achieved her personal best snatching 65kg in the One Minute Snatch Ladder and finished second in the event.

She had also finished third in the Nasty Gymnastics event where she had to do as many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) of Burpee Box Jumps, Pistol Squats, HSPU, Chest to Bar Pull Ups and Bar Muscle Ups. Maslina had not been training and found it hard to execute the Bar Muscle Up, but she will definitely work on this movement harder in the future.

Maslina Ismail - Hopper Warrior
Ripped palms did not stop Maslina from securing 2nd place in Desforges Hero WOD. Image from Facebook/Maslina.

Ripped palms for a bloody win

In the fourth event which was a Hero WOD (Workout of the Day) named after retired soldiers, even ripped palms did not stop Maslina from securing second place in the ‘Desforges’ WOD. Maslina prefers not to wrap her palms and suffered ripped skin on both her palms during the Pull Up and Knee to Elbow movements. Yikes! Other movements in the WOD included Deadlifts and Clean and Jerks, in 5 rounds for time.

For the last few months, Maslina had been resting her broken finger from playing rugby in the recent SEA Games in Singapore. A broken finger is only a small problem for Maslina, and she went on to win second place in the team category at the recent X45 Challenge, a CrossFit competition in Sabah.

Maslina won second place in the team event of X45. Photo from Facebook/Maslina.
Maslina won second place in the team event of X45 Challenge 2015.
Photo from Facebook/Maslina.

Cracking the Whip

Participating in the team category for the first time at X45, it was Maslina who was ‘holding the whip’ or you could say, spurring her teammates from CrossFit Vidatha on to perform at their best. Held over two days, the X45 also accumulated the teams best effort from points throughout the events. Her teammate misjudged himself in one event, and the team tried to make up for it, but narrowly lost out to the eventual champion.

Performing as a team, you would need the utmost best from each member and for everyone to be equally competitive and desire to be the best. It would also be better to train as a team to strengthen the weaknesses.

Easier said than done, you might see Maslina participating in the upcoming Bangkok Brawl as an individual instead to improve on her personal goals and to defend the title she won earlier this year in February. Watch our for more of this mighty lass!