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Exclusive Interview with Ernie Tang: Carry your Personal Trainer in your pocket

Fitness in my pocket app Ernie Tang

The dawn of the new year ignites the fire in everyone to want to get healthier, fitter and stronger. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to go about it and falter waywards within a few weeks of trying something new.

Our smartphones can be the saviour of the day, with the advent of the Fitness In My Pocket app on Google and Android. Now you can carry a Personal Trainer in your pocket, with Ernie Tang demonstrating videos and giving you exercises to perform when you need them.

We caught up with Ernie to find out how you can use this Fitness In My Pocket app to improve and make a better version of yourself.

TA: What’s your strategy to conquer the fitness world with this new app?

Ernie: Accessibility. everybody at this age and time has a smartphone and make our target audience very wide, even in rural areas.

TA: How this does app aim to get people on it?

Ernie: It’s the curiosity factor is a big factor. How do i make myself fitter, faster, lose some weight. All this will be shown in the app itself.

Plus the app is free, there’s no obligation and you haven’t spent a cent. So you don’t lose anything to try out the app.

TA: So after the period where people stop trying to fulfil their new year’s resolution, what’s going to get people back on the app?

Ernie: The simple fact that they can’t fit into their clothes anymore.

Personal Trainer Ernie Tang wrote programs to train up your full body's strength
Personal Trainer Ernie Tang wrote programs to train up your full body’s strength

TA: How does the app get users to stick to it?

Ernie: The app is actually quite a genius. I’ve actually designed and written all the programs, and there’s a progression and a regression to the app itself. Say you’ve done workout A and you can provide feedback as to whether the workout was too hard or too easy.

The app will adjust the next workout according to your response. There’s a whole arsenal of exercises and the app picks out the exercises and accommodates it to the user. In this way, each user gets a unique workout that matches their ability.

TA: How will you be contributing to the app?

Ernie: I’ve designed all videos and the tutorials for the strength training programs that works with all my clients. It’s a slightly unorthodox program because most body builders or trainers will do split training programs that separates exercises according e.g. arms, back or legs in separate days.

In the app, my strength training programs trains your full body in one day. This will ensure your body grows multiple times a week with each workout. This is how celebrities are training at the moment and I found it to be very effective.

Ernie Tang FIMP


TA: What about people who do not have any access to gyms?

Ernie: There are exercises like push ups, chin ups that leverage on body weight. For chin ups, all you need is a towel which you can sling on a door frame, so it depends how resourceful you are.

TA: What can fitness enthusiasts get out of it particularly in the fields of CrossFit, Triathlon and Obstacle Racing?

Ernie: It’s a method of cross training. Basically, if you’re a swimmer and do strength training in a gym, you will benefit from the strength gains that you achieved. A lot of people don’t just want to swim to get fit, they want to get fit to swim. The fitter you are, the more you will excel.

In this program, you will get strong and even old people can get healthier and fitter. Furthermore, they will realise they can be better versions that who they are right now.

Get on this Fitness In My Pocket app, and be rewarded in more ways than one. Stay tuned for our contest soon.

The app is available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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