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Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview: Shahrom Abdullah inspires newbies to challenge Powerman Malaysia

Shahrom Abdullah is a well-renowned name in the Duathlon scene in the last twenty years.

Now an owner of his own bicycle shop, SA Bike in Alam Damai, Cheras, Shahrom still finds time to train and race competitively in the Triathlon and Duathlon scene besides exploring other extreme sports. Besides that, he even trains a group which includes newbies for Duathlon and Triathlon too.

“Very happy to finish third in my age group 35-39 Male, and overall second Malaysian to top the age group categories in Powerman Malaysia.” said Shahrom Abdullah.

“On the first 10km run, my timing was two minutes slower than last year, but I just maintained my own pace. However, this meant I missed the front pack. So, on the 60km bike route, I was alone and a few in my age group overtook me. Since I couldn’t follow their pace, I just kept to my own pace,” added Shahrom.

“In the second 10km run, in the first 5km I wasn’t comfortable and felt my legs cramping. I decided to push myself harder on the second 5km. My wife, Jessica played the role of coach and updated me on the timings which gave me a good boost to catch up with my competitors.” he continued.

About 20-30 cyclists were racing under Shahrom’s SABike team in both the Short and Classic distances in Putrajaya. Some of them are new to cycling but decided to take up the challenge.

Shahrom Abdullah with wife, Jessica Tang
Shahrom also trains Team SA Bike for Triathlons and Duathlons

Afi Missman from Team SA Bike

“It’s my first race at Powerman Malaysia, and I attempted the Short distance 5km run, 30km bike and 5km run. Very good experience, well organised but the weather’s a bit hot. I’m usually stronger on the run, but I injured myself while training. So I ran slowly, and cycled a bit faster instead.”

“I ride a Cannondale CAAD 12 which I like as it’s very light and responsive. Previously, I was cycle-touring and just made the change to road bikes. It’s a very different feel, and I enjoy it. Next race, perhaps IRONMAN 70.3 Langkawi, who knows? Inspired by Shahrom Abdullah here.” said Afi.

Ika (Nurfaika) Muhamad from Team SA Bike

“It’s my first time at Powerman Malaysia, very good race and I am already thinking of coming back to race next year, perhaps in the Classic distance. This year, I attempted the Short distance. I enjoyed the first 5km run, but the second 5km run was a disaster for me and the weather got really hot.”

“The 30km cycling route had a lot of turns, but it was easy to follow. I’m riding a Cannondale CAAD 12 and it’s a super nice bike. It’s my second bike, my first was a hybrid. I tried my friend’s bike, but I prefer my CAAD 12.”