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CrossFit Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview: District Thirteen CrossFit Gym


District 13 CrossFit Gym recently flung open its doors to the eagerly awaiting Malaysian fitness community. ToughAsia.Com has a chat with the two head coaches and masterminds behind the scene : Matthew Chong and Aidi Amin.

Declared as ‘The Sport of Fitness’, CrossFit is a manner of training that incorporates various elements – weights, high intensity, cardio, gymnastics, speed, endurance, stamina, and so on.

What sort of fitness routine were you following before you discovered CrossFit?

AA: I regularly joined marathons and occasionally rock climbed.
MC: I was on the state swim team during my schooling days, then took up MuayThai and boxing after I graduated.

How were you first exposed to CrossFit?

AA : Back in 2007 when the movie ‘300’ came out, I thought the cast looked really good. I was intrigued as to what those guys did to get so ripped, did some research, and that was when I first heard of the term ‘CrossFit’ – it just took off from there.

MC : I caught on practically the same way. I wanted to look just as good as those guys! Funny thing was, neither of us knew each other back then.

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There’s such a wide variety of sports available ; how is CrossFit more appealing by comparison?

MC : That’s precisely the reason. CrossFit equips you better across the entire fitness spectrum.

AA : As CrossFit is so varied it helps a person to perform better no matter what the situation. It is also functional, hence improves handling of real life circumstances as well.

Why a warehouse?

MC : Adequate space for our members to move around comfortably.

AA : More conducive environment for them to dump weights and make as much noise as they want.


Why do CrossFit boxes charge significantly higher rates than conventional gyms?

MC : Here at District 13, we provide guidance, form and technique coaching, fitness education, and so much more than a regular gym which is filled with machines.

AA : That’s right, at a common gym half the time it’s the machines which do the work for you. Hence, you get half (or less) of the results.


What is something you would consider an achievement at District 13?

AA : Helping our members improve themselves, overcome their fear and achieve feats they never thought would be possible.

MC : Seeing complete beginners from day one develop not just in terms of strength but also mentally and emotionally.

Along the course of idea to implementation, there must have been instances where it was a challenge to keep holding on. What kept you going?

AA : The fact that I had a partner to count on, and who was counting on me.

MC : One single recurring notion – that I would a million times rather try and fail, than sit back and watch someone else succeed.

District 13 CrossFit Gym : Rates and Contact Details


Foundation series : 6 classes for a duration of 4 weeks, 2 classes per week (foundation series is compulsory for those new to CrossFit)

  • One time drop in : Rm30
  • 2 months : Rm 240 per month
  • 6 months : Rm 215 per month
  • 1 year : Rm 200 per month (free foundation + free one month)

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Article by Cheryl Moy