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Exclusive: Chooi Fern Sets Her Eyes On 2021 SEA Games

2020 was a tragedy especially for the sports industry which puts 2021 in the limelight as major global sporting events find its footing once again. While the Tokyo Olympics may be the biggest event anticipated this year, local athletes are also preparing for the upcoming 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam slated from 21 November to 2 December. This goes the same for national athlete, Penny Loh Chooi Fern.

In an interview with ToughASIA recently, Penny said that she has begun her training for the regional games.

“I plan to achieve better timing in the upcoming SEA Games but firstly, I will need to regain my stamina and strength.”

“For 3 years until 2019, I had exhausted myself through racing and 2020 was a chance for me to refresh and go back to basics. It had allowed me to spend more time strengthening and conditioning in places that I had missed in the past.”

Chooi Fern had also recently completed the 2020 Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon Virtual Race’s half marathon category with a completion time of 01:33:02.

In the past, she became the third runner in Malaysia’s history to achieve a sub-3 timing after 19 years during her race in the 2019 Gold Coast Marathon. “I was happy to achieve that timing but I would like to explore my potential further in the running industry”.

When asked about the running landscape in Malaysia, she noted that the proliferation of Malaysia’s running community is evident. “However, Malaysians are focusing more on mileage and most runners do not have a proper plan.”

“Everyone faces a difficulty in finding a work-life balance, but a proper training guide and smart training will propel a runner’s progress.” said Penny, a senior associate tax consultant at Crowe Malaysia.

Recently, she was also introduced to two new products, the JoyMix Hello-Bong and JoyMix collagen by JoyMix Enterprise. “It has given me a better performance, reducing muscle and joint pain by strengthening it over time. Normally I wouldn’t attempt a super crazy jump after a long run, but now I could do this better and more efficiently.”

“This improvement is great for me as I could train continuously for a few days, especially at hilly routes.”

“I will consume JoyMix Hello-Bong together with JoyMix’s Collagen before and after my tough training sessions. I will usually mix it with a fruity beverage or chocolate malt as my breakfast or consume it in the evening post-workout.”

“I will definitely recommend JoyMix Hello-Bong and JoyMix Collagen to my friends.”

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