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Ergowear Introduces 12 New Men’s Swimwear Styles, Adding Up To its Unique Feel Technology

Ergowear is introducing 12 new swimwear styles to its best-selling Feel family of men’s underwear for the second quarter of 2015. The new products will complement its unique Feel line of pouch underwear with its signature sophisticated, seamless, and non-confining pouch.

Ergowear, a highly innovative brand specialised in men’s pouch underwear, is once again breaking new grounds with the introduction of its new swimwear styles. These new products, available at, feature sturdy yet sophisticated styles along with several other improvements to men’s swimwear, including the reappearance of Ergowear’s popular Feel pouch technology.

“Our new men’s swimwear for 2015 might just be our best styles yet,” said Rodrigo Herzberg, Ergowear’s CEO and founder. “The new styles we have introduced are all really comfortable and unique, and we can’t wait for Ergowear fans to feel captivated by this collection.”


The New Swimwear line consists of trunks, mini-trunks and bikinis in six solid colors — Black, Lime, Calypso, Indigo, Royal Blue and Red and more.

“For the first time we have something for everyone who is looking for ergonomic swimwear” said Carson Townsend, head of Ergowear’s customer service. “ Due to the adaptable shape of its pouch, both attention-seekers as well as more conservative consumers will find pleasure in the alternatives these new styles offer. This is a truly innovative men’s swimwear collection.”

In this swimwear collection, for the first time Ergowear is introducing a drawstring in spite of the narrow waistband in all styles. “We all know how important it is to feel comfortable and stylish when wearing a swimsuit. Our New Feel Swimwear styles provide just that in a unique manner. The acclaimed Feel pouch from our male underwear collection has been included to provide such convenience and innovation. Giving consumers the freedom to feel wild or reserved, as they please. We really see no reason why swimsuits have not been able to provide this freedom before!” enthusiastically adds Mr Herzberg.

Professional Use

The new line is aimed at providing an excellent alternative for professional or amateur swimmers looking to upgrade their swim trunk styles without compromising on performance, and can be used in both serious as well as leisure swimming.


The material is Polyamid/Spandex fabric, a single-layer lightweight fabric that provides a soft-on-the-skin feeling. The bi-stretch material is very fast-drying and provides the perfect fit without loosing its shape over time.

Seamless Pouch

The new swimwear collection combines the heritage and craft of a resistant, sophisticated, versatile and profiled look. All items are envisioned to provide a top-of-the-line experience.

Since its conception, the Feel collection has established a reputation of rule-breaking, life-changing, and sexy looking products, according to the hundreds of product reviews the company is eager to share. The new swimwear styles are no exception.

“We really think our Feel collection needed to include swim trunks with the pouch concept at some point. With several best-selling products already in place, and with summer hitting half of the world, we think this is the best time to buy a new swimsuit. We are very excited about the success of our initial pre-launch sales, and we are sure the latest line will please new as well as current consumers.” concludes Rodrigo about their latest men’s swimwear release.

Consistent with its approach of delivering best in class men’s underwear and swimwear products as well as maintaining a highly-responsive customer service, their latest effort broadens the company’s reach in the male swimwear market. It seems they are well positioned to disrupt the market in the best way possible, once again.

Ergowear’s Swimwear 2015 Collection is available at as well as at retail locations worldwide and at online specialised retailers starting May 2015.

Company Information:

Ergowear has been designing, manufacturing and selling ergonomic male underwear and swimwear worldwide since 2002. Its underwear and swimwear styles include boxers, thongs, bikinis, briefs, long johns, jock straps, square cuts, mid cuts, swim trunks, sleepwear and athletic wear. For more information about Ergowear or to order their latest product, please visit their website at: