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EPIC5 Challenge announces Inaugural EPIC5 Canada Ultra-Triathlon

“Start in the Atlantic Ocean and finish in the Pacific Ocean, while you swim, bike, and run 1,131 km in five days completing five full iron distance triathlons in five Canadian provinces and cross Canada from coast to coast.”

This is the bold motto for EPIC5 Challenge LLC’s inaugural ultra-triathlon event in Canada.

The ultra-triathlon EPIC5 Canada will take place from 6 – 10 August 2018, beginning its ambitious journey in Prince Edward Island and finishing in British Columbia. Ten athletes and their crew will undertake a full iron distance triathlon (226.7 km) in each of the following provinces in five consecutive days: (1) Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown area; (2) Quebec, Montreal area; (3) Ontario, Ottawa area; (4) Alberta, Calgary area; and (5) British Columbia, Vancouver area.

The total distance that will be traveled by these remarkable athletes and their crew, is over 6,000km from the east coast to the west coast of the North American continent. Of this total distance, 1,131 km will be under the athletes’ own power as they swim, bike and run an Iron distance triathlon each day in order to accomplish this formidable feat.

EPIC5 Challenge has been a Hawaiian-based athletic challenge event for the past seven years, as everyday, amateur sportsmen and women, yet “super-human” endurance athletes have completed at each edition of the event five iron distance triathlons (one on each of the five main Hawaiian islands) in five consecutive days while crossing the archipelago. The company recently announced a new management team focused on growing the EPIC5 brand and bringing EPIC5 events to various venues around the world to meet the explosive interest in EPIC5 that has occurred over the past few years.

“The sheer challenge of crossing all of Canada in five days while completing an iron distance triathlon each day in a different province will be just as epic as crossing all of the five main Hawaiian islands,” remarked Christopher Brennan, EPIC5 Challenge’s President & Chief Executive Officer.

“When considering the expansion of EPIC5 Challenge events, Canada was a natural choice of venue due to its cultural and geographical diversity and richness, as well as the presence of a strong endurance sport community across the entire country,” he continued.

“Canada also has a robust spirituality that reaches back to its First Nations people, which is also a critical element to the success of any EPIC5 event.”

Rebecca Morgan, EPIC5 Challenge’s Chief Operating Officer, stated “Thanks to our launch of EPIC5 Canada in 2018 we continue to embrace our vision of being the preeminent provider of athletic experiences where all participants (athlete, crew, volunteers, and staff) are offered the opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically by way of epic physical challenges taking place in new and different settings that are always adventurous.”

About EPIC5 Challenge LLC
EPIC5 Challenge LLC was founded in 2010 when Jason Lester and Rich Roll set out to complete what many then deemed the impossible – five iron distance triathlons on five Hawaiian islands in five days, swimming, cycling, and running 1,131 km in total during this time. Since then, some of the world’s toughest ultra endurance athletes have participated in this event, testing the limits of mind, body, and spirit as they embark on a introspective voyage to discover themselves at a deeper personal level.