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Endurance Athletes Find A Competitive Edge With Low Sugar Diets

The Feed, teams up with Dr. Kevin Sprouse to share the benefits of low sugar diets

Are you curious about the diets of some of the most successful endurance athletes? The Feed, an online source for sports nutrition and healthy eating, is creating ongoing and original content on this subject. They asked Dr. Kevin Sprouse of Provision Sports Medicine to compose a summary of the value of low-sugar diets for endurance athletes.


Sprouse’s recommendations involve reducing our daily sugar consumption (much of which comes from a lot of carbs). Sprouse writes “I’ve worked with athletes to show them how to shift their metabolism toward a greater utilization of fat and decreased reliance on sugar” and “For many, the concept of ‘train low, race high’ can work well too. This refers to doing much of your training while consuming a low-sugar diet. When it comes time for competition, you throw in some added carbs to stoke the fire for the high-intensity of racing.”

“By working with Kevin, and other experts, The Feed is creating original content that drives value for athletes of all types, from a 21-year-old pro cyclist to a 50-year-old doing their first 5k run. This educational component is a key complementary service to our active nutrition e-commerce platform” states The Feed co-founder Bryan Smith.

For athletes seeking one-on-one guidance in their nutrition choices, a simple click will enable customers to chat in real time with one of The Feed’s personal nutrition coaches.

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