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Eco-friendly, thrilling and exploring theme set for Eco X Adventure Race

Eco X Adventure Race
Jubilant nature-loving Eco X participants. Photo from Nomad Adventures

Eco-X Adventure Race calls out to nature-loving people to join them on a unique and thrilling race through the lush tropical rainforest of Malaysia, crossing rivers, exploring the limestone caves and overcoming some man-made obstacles in the state of Perak.

More than 300 participants have signed up for the mystical journey, set to happen in Gopeng, Perak, the homegrown to Gua Tempurung, one of the longest caves in Malaysia. Definitely an outstanding adventure to behold, different from the normal trail running races.

A splashing river crossing in Eco X. Photo from Nomad Adventures
A splashing river crossing in Eco X. Photo from Nomad Adventures

Eco-X has lined up 4 categories, each with their own level of challenge and adventure ranging from 5km, 11km and 21km, with 21km being the hardest. Do not fret, the races are non-technical as there’s no rock climbing or abseiling, high ropes and navigation skills required.

You don’t have to be a seasoned adventure racer to take part but you can expect to be climbing over obstacles, crawling through mud, crossing rivers, scrambling up and down hills and crawling through caves.

Eco X-Cape for Kids : Kids wanna have fun too

Start them young with a non-competitive fun run for kids whom are looking to simply have fun and a small adventure along a 1km route. This is a non-competitive fun-run designed for children 12 & Below.

The kids will use mostly the same obstacles as the adults but some of them in a modified way. For example instead of climbing over the cargo net they will traverse around it. This keeps the kids close to the ground and lowers the risk for the young racers.

Nomad is also sponsoring 50 under privileged children to take part in the race (5km and kids) so they get to learn to enjoy the outdoors and to challenge themselves with an adventurous activity.

Eco X Adventure Race - caving
Eco X Adventure Racers will be treated with some caving! Image from video

ECO is the state of the game

The eco-friendly adventure race will emphasise measures to recycle and curb rubbish generated in the usual mass-marketed events.

A familiar face in outdoor sports, Nomad Adventure’s owner, Chan Yuen Li reveals, “The obstacles are man-made, but will utilise materials recovered from our old buildings and structures. We have used pipes which were taken from our rock climbing gym at The Summit which we dismantled many years ago, steel hollow from our greenhouses we took down last year and logs from jungle that was cleared. We only purchased welding rods and fasteners to construct the obstacles.”

Participants will also be informed to bring water bottles or hydration packs to refill their water supply throughout the route. The event does not encourage single-use plastic mineral water bottles nor disposable cups which make up an enormous amount of wasteful trash after mass events.

Eco X Adventure Race obstacles
Obstacles are made from recovered materials on Eco X. Photo from Nomad Adventures

Registration is open until June 10th.

To register and more info, visit the website or follow Nomad Adventure on Facebook.

Alternatively, try and win free passes to this race by following this instructions.

eco-x adventure race Facebook contest

Watch the video of 2014 Highlights to get a feel and get inspired! See you there!