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Earn Your Armour Challenge 3 by Under Armour and CrossFit GTX

Earn Your Armour 3 - Under Armour - CrossFit GTX

When ‘normal’ human beings of the rat race are sitting in evening peak hour traffic congestion, and complaining about it, more than 30 Cross Fit-ters decided to take charge of their lives and improve themselves to a whole new level instead in Under Armour’s Earn Your Armour Challenge.

Under Armour has been running a series of Earn Your Armour Challenges across Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. In the third edition in Malaysia, the challenge offered free workout sessions conducted by CrossFit GTX across 6 weeks at the Elements Gym, at G Tower in Kuala Lumpur’s city center.

Earn Your Armour3

Throughout the edition, the participants gained encouragement and training tips from an experienced team to guide them through every step of the way from Head Coach and experienced CrossFitter, Harrison J;  CrossFit Judge and CrossFit Trainer Level 1, Mei Sian and CrossFit Trainer Level 1, Vincent.

In the CrossFit GTX Challenge held recently, CrossFit-ters were given two challenges, which tested the them in different disciplines namely weights, strength and endurance. Those who preferred weight training opted to challenge themselves to weighted Burpees, Kettle Bell overhead sumos and Front Squats ‘As Fast As Possible – AFAP’ in 5 rounds, capped for 10 minutes.

Earn Your Armour3-1

Intensity was rife in the outdoor arena, as light rain added to the ambience. Friendly smiles gave way to grim looks as each Cross Fit-ter battled to get the most energy they could within themselves in the shortest time. The usual squat didn’t seem that easy any more when they were doing it a high intensity and high repetition. It was only 10 minutes, but after what seemed like an eternity, Vinesh and Claudia emerged as the fastest men and lady respectively, of the day.

Beware of ‘Barbara’

‘Barbara’ is not quite the nicest lady in CrossFit, and is known to bring grown men to their knees, rendering them breathless and gasping for air. Determined to get the better of the damsel who puts men in distress, most Cross Fit-ters present in the arena performed Pull Ups, Push Ups, Sit Ups, and Air Squats for ‘As Many Reps As Possible – AMRAP’ in 10 minutes.

Actor and model Kit Mah, together with radio DJ and Fitness Personality, Linora Low added high energy and inspiration to the day. Both the Under Armour ambassadors started in the first wave of the ‘Barbara’ challenge.

Kit Mah
Kit Mah, Under Armour Brand Ambassador, actor and model

Kit Mah has been doing Cross Fit for a few years, influenced by a friend. Not one for the usual runs as cardio training, Kit prefers Cross Fit as it combines strength, weight lifting, and cardio training at the same time, to improve his overall fitness within 20 minutes. As a plus, it also helps him to look good in his modelling profession.

“Cross Fit is like an intense feeling. Once you do it, you feel ‘wow’, you’ve just been through that overwhelming feeling,”

“You’re in a tunnel vision, everything around you doesn’t matter. You’re so focused, tired and exhausted, it really pushes your boundaries. And you feel great at the end,” says Kit Mah, Under Armour’s Brand Ambassador for Cross Fit.


“Squats are a girl’s best friend, not diamonds” – Linora Low

Linora Low only started doing Cross Fit when Under Armour started the series as she was previously scared and hesitant to delve into it all the ‘Clean and Jerk’ and other functional movements. But she now enjoys it and want to continue doing it, moving on from being the usual ‘Gym Junkie’.

“I like to try all sorts of new exercise regimes cause I think it helps your blood and your muscles always keeps guessing again,” says Fitness Personality, Linora Low.

Linora Low, Under Armour Brand Ambassador, radio DJ and Fitness Personality
Linora Low, Under Armour Brand Ambassador, radio DJ and Fitness Personality


Linora loves squats being the booty-builder and dead lifts, which gives her the achievement of lifting something heavy. She loves the feeling of metal against your own skin, and ‘I’m gonna beat that metal‘ feeling.

“CrossFit is a really good sport. The atmosphere in CF is very motivational, you’ve all these ppl around and spurs you too,” Linora Low, Under Armour’s Brand Ambassador for Fitness.

She often has Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in her head pushing her over boundaries to be that champion of your ownself, and I guess having Ronda Rousey, American mixed martial artist, and current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion as a girl crush helps too.

Linora Low and Kit Mah with their scores
Linora Low and Kit Mah with their scores

Prizes were awarded to best male and female competitors, as Jo, Claudia, Adrian and Razia put courtesies aside and won over the lady, pushing themselves to ‘Earn Your Armour’. Winners of both challenges won prizes from CrossFit GTX, Under Armour, N8 Sports Nutrition, KT Tape and Corny cereal bars.

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