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Doctor Ng Shu Hui Runs Virgin Marathon In Support of Hospis Malaysia

Doctor Ng Shu Hui will be running her first marathon, 42km in support of Hospis Malaysia.

Everyone starts Running For A Reason. Doctor Ng Shu Hui will be running her first marathon, 42.195km in support of Hospis Malaysia. In her line of service, the 31-year-old doctor has witnessed their amazing work and is driven to play a small part in supporting Hospis Malaysia,

“Individuals with life-limiting illnesses require a level of care that can be exceptionally challenging to provide, yet the staff in Hospis Malaysia provides this every day with a smile on their faces and kindness in their hearts. ” said Dr. Ng.

Born and raised in Penang, Dr. Ng currently serves her home island. We stole some of her precious time to speak about her maiden marathon effort.

ToughASIA: Why and when did you start running?

Dr. Ng: Since I was 16 years old, I started running as part of school activities. Subsequently, I continued running as a hobby after leaving school because I simply enjoy running.

ToughASIA: How often have you been training for your maiden marathon?

Dr. Ng: I do not have a specific training regime or schedule, but I try to fit in short runs whenever I can with the time I have.

I usually am able to manage short runs of about 30 minutes, 3 times a week. I started training since September this year.

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The KLCC Park is one of Dr. Ng’s favourite running route.

ToughASIA: Where are your favourite running locations/routes?

Dr. Ng: The best thing about running is that it can be done anywhere. I usually run in the gym or just around my housing area. As I have just recently moved to Penang, I have yet to explore running areas in Penang.

However, when I was living in KL, I used to enjoy running at the Perdana Botanical Gardens.

ToughASIA: What is your proudest achievement/moment in running?

Dr. Ng: I think getting any run done is an achievement in itself – be it a short run or a long run!

The longest run I have done to date was the 32km Newton Challenge at East Coast Park, Singapore, back in 2014. Since then, I have done a couple of half marathons.

ToughASIA: What’s the most difficult part about running, and how do you overcome it?

Dr. Ng: The most difficult part is probably finding the time to run and stay motivated.

I think having a purpose, such as fundraising for Hospis Malaysia, motivates me. Running also helps keep me healthy – physically, mentally and emotionally.

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ToughASIA: How do you use your knowledge and experience as a doctor in your passion for running?

On the surface of it, there seems to be little to connect running with practicing medicine. But the most valuable skill I am able to translate from my day-to-day clinical work to running, is the ability to listen.

When I see patients, it is more important to spend effort listening to what they have to say and what is important to them. This allows me to better understand and connect with my patients.

When I run, it is equally important to listen – not just to what’s going on around me, but how my body feels physically.

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Perhaps most important of all, is to listen and appreciate my motivation for running. For this KLSCM, the drive behind the run is to give the staff at Hospis Malaysia the credit and plaudits they deserve.

Every day, beyond the exemplary clinical care they provide, what they Hospis Malaysia does best is to just listen to their patients. To hear them, understand them, and give them a voice when they have little else.