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Discovering Hidden Gems with District Race Kuala Lumpur

If you ever need an excuse to explore your city and discover hidden gems, District Race – the new global phenomenon in running – may just be for you.

Team ToughASIA banded three girls and a guy to use the District smart phone application to navigate Kuala Lumpur city to complete challenges and collect points from virtual waypoints in two hours. Some waypoints required us to answer a question, scan an object or sprint like Usain Bolt. We were also surprised by hidden waypoints to gain additional points!

L-R: Ho May Ai, Tamil Selvam, Siah Hui Hui and Jyn Yeow representing Team ToughAsia at the District Race KL.

During the race, I picked up a ‘bapa ayam’ (pimp in the Malay language) but I’m just kidding!

We looked at the map, we strategised our route to maximise our points, but what I failed to notice was some roads were constricted within private premises like a school, so I lost my teammates as soon as the race began!

During the race, I picked up a ‘bapa ayam’ (pimp in the Malay language) but I’m just kidding!

This fellow explorer donned rooster headgear and we teamed up for a few waypoints before going our separate ways prior to reuniting at the base. Even if you chose to race as an individual, you could always team up with strangers along the way. I lost my teammates but hey, I found new ones! Malaysia’s unity at its best.

Using the District app to navigate the city through waypoints to score points like a treasure hunt.
Scan the Tiger for points through the District app.

More than 8000 explorers took to Kuala Lumpur city in different waves throughout the day, racing in different directions and different durations, covering 82,000 kilometres collectively. That’s the best part, really. The city comes alive as you explore it within the timeframe and there’s no pre-set route nor distance.

In the thick of the race, I was surprised to find a hidden alley decorated so beautifully in the Golden Triangle, truly an amazing element of this race.

We’ve been so used to driving around the city that we seldom explore it on foot anymore. This race was a blessing in disguise to rediscover my passion and love for Kuala Lumpur.


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The medal from District Race is by far the coolest medal I’ve ever received. Powered by Augmented Reality (AR), I scanned the medal with the Race District app’s AR camera to reveal a hologram depicting my result complete with sound effects! How cool is that?

Spanning from Penang to Ipoh, Seremban and Johor Baru, there are currently over 30 grids which are completely free to use, with more being added all the time. My teammates and I are hyped up to explore the other grids and we can’t wait for the next race already!

Team ToughAsia with District Race’s Community Manager, Adrees who puts hidden gems on the map for us to explore.